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Also see Directories online for some Army Lists.


Air Force List

Online Air Force Lists, in respect of the Royal Air Force, from the collection of the National Library of Scotland on
The Lists were initially published on a monthly basis. Currently available (at April 2012) are

February 1919, Contents March 1919, Contents April 1919, Contents
May 1919 , Contents June 1919, Contents July 1919, Contents August 1919, Contents
September 1919 Contents October 1919, Contents November 1919, Contents December 1919, Contents
The Air Force List, a monthly publication. January editions for 1928; 1929; 1930; 1931; 1932; 1933; 1934; 1935
Air Force List for 1949-1955, 1957, 1960-1965, 1991, 1991 edition Books to Borrow/Lending Library. 1949 edition is the last quarterly edition, other editions are yearly editions.

Most of the above, and additional editions, are also available on the website of the NLS as Air Force Lists: 1919-1922 and 1938-1945 with transcriptions available, together with a Search facility.

For more details, including additional sources, see Royal Air Force.

Air Force Health Report

  • Report on the Health of the Royal Air Force published by the Air Ministry
1920 Volume 1, to 1929; 1930-1937.

Air Force Regulations, Equipment, Manuals etc

  • The King's Regulations and Orders for the Royal Air Force, 1918, Contents, Google Books.
  • The King's Regulations and Air Council Instructions for the Royal Air Force. Air Publication 958.
1943, Contents; 1944, Contents

Aldershot Military Gazette

Commenced as The Aldershot Military Gazette with later titles Sheldrake's Aldershot Military Gazette; Sheldrakes's Aldershot and Sandhurst Military Gazette; Aldershot Gazette and Military News. This publication is available on findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites. The date range is 13 August 1859 to 27 December 1890 and additionally 04 January 1918 to 29 November 1918, with details on a BNA page. It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date".

The "Stations of the British Army" were published every month or so, seen on page 7 (of 8) in one edition.

Army Medical Department Report

  • Army Medical Department: Report for the Year... Earlier title Army Medical Department: Statistical Sanitary and Medical Reports for the year... Section: "On The Health of the Troops Serving in India". Year of publication in brackets. Appears to be only in respect of troops in garrisons and to exclude troops in military actions. Earlier volumes Google Books and later volumes Hathi Trust Digital Library and
This publication also appears to be available from the online database U.K. Parliamentary Papers. For more details, see Subscription websites-online newspapers, journals and directories.
1859 (p 1861)


1860 (p 1862)


Bombay page 279

Madras page 282

Burmah page 286

Bengal page 288

1861 (p 1863) 1862 (p 1864)


Bengal page 123

Madras page 132

Bombay page 135

1863 Volume 5 (p 1865) 1864 Volume 6 (p 1866)


Bengal page 116

Madras page 125

Bombay page 135

1865 Volume 7 (p 1867)


Bengal page 105

Madras page 123

Bombay page 133

1866 Volume 8 (p 1868)


1867 Volume 9 (p 1869)


Bengal page 129

Madras page 151

Bombay page 167

1868 Volume 10 (p 1870)


Bengal page 136

Madras page 155

Bombay page 174

1869 Volume 11 (p 1871)


Madras page 158

Bombay page 178

1870 Volume 12 (p 1872)


Bengal page 142

Madras page 160

Bombay page 179

1871 Volume 13 (p 1873)


Bengal page 116

Madras page 133

Bombay page 150

1872 Volume 14 (p 1874)


Bengal page 129

Madras page 169

Bombay page 191

1873 Volume 15 (p 1875)


Bengal page 119

Madras page 142

Bombay page 158

1874 Volume 16 (p 1876


Bengal page 109

Madras page 135

Bombay page 154

1875 Volume 17 (p 1877)


1876 Volume 18 (p 1877)


1877 Volume 19 (p 1879)


Bengal page 88

Madras page 106

Bombay page 119

1878 Volume 20 (p 1880)


Bengal page 98

Madras page 116

Bombay page 129

1879 Volume 21 (p 1881)


1880 Volume 22 (p 1882)


1882 Volume 24 (p 1884)


Bengal page 77

Madras page 91

Bombay page 99

1883 Volume 25 (p 1885)


1884 Volume 26 (p 1886)


1885 Volume 27 (p 1887)


1886 Volume 28 (p 1888)


1887 Volume 29 (p 1889)


Bengal page 103

Madras page 129

Bombay page 144

1888 Volume 30 (p 1890)


1889 Volume 31 (p 1891)


India page 124

1890 Volume 32 (p 1892)


Bengal page 123

Madras, page 152

Bombay page 171

1891 Volume 33 (p 1893)


Bengal page 125

Madras page 161

Bombay page 181

1892 Volume 34 (p 1894)


1893 Volume 35 (p 1895)


1894 Volume 36 (p 1896)


India page 102

1895 Volume 37 (p 1896)


India page 108
missing pp.106-107
India page 106 2nd file Google Books

1896 Volume 38 (p 1897)


India page 135

1897 Volume 39 (p 1898)


India page 160

1898 Volume 40 (p 1900)


India page 165

1900 Volume 42 (p 1902)

Contents (partial only)

India page 141

1903 Volume 45 (p 1905)


India page 205

1906 Volume 48 (p 1907)

Lacks Contents page

India page 98

Statistical Report on the Health of the Army, 1943-1945. 24/General/3074 WO code No. 5414 HMSO 1948.

Army and Navy Gazette

Army and Navy Gazette. Full title: Army and Navy Gazette : journal of the militia and volunteer forces. This publication is available on findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites. The date range is Saturday 07 January 1860 to Saturday 31 December 1921, with issues 1860-1871, 1884-1918, 1920-1921, with details on a BNA page. It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date".

Army Regulations, Equipment, Manuals etc

Collections of Army publications

Books on with the creator field given by the uploader as "British War Office". Include Manuals, Drills etc, Many of these are from the larger collection RCEME Archivist uploaded by the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers with a focus on artillery, guns and ammunition.
Books on with author given by the uploader "Army War College (U.S.)". Includes many publications WW1 period based on British, French and German publications and sources. Notes on Recent Operations include multiple articles.
  • War Office Great Britain publications on the HathiTrust Digital Library linked on a webpage from the Library of University of Pennsylvania
  • Australian Army website: Our heritage/History/Primary materials Manuals etc. Includes both British Army and Australian Army publications. Update not currently available, perhaps may return, however some of the files are still available if you search the internet, but you must know the title of the book. At least some of the books may be accessed through an archived version of the website.
  • The website NZSappers Sappers of New Zealand includes Heritage Material which includes Manuals and other publications relating to Military Engineering. Also includes Handbook for Military Artificers (1915).
  • The website of Vickers MG Collection and Research Association includes online Manuals, Handbooks etc., relating to mainly to machine guns and tanks, but also including other subjects, from c 1908. There is a drop down menu from "Manuals" at the top of the webpage. Some, but not all (at 2020/01/31), of these publications have been uploaded to in a collection Vickers MG Collection & Research Association.
  • The website of The Ordnance Society contains "Ordnance Downloads". See drop down menu from the top of the webpage.
  • The website of Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association includes online Articles, Manuals & Catalogues. The Manuals are mainly 1940s or later, but some from 1917 onwards are included. The Manuals may be viewed on
  • The Wireless-Set-No19 Group Royal Signals states "The Manuals section ... provides the largest publicly available historical archive of military communication documentation in the world". Downloads, but subject to various requirements, are available.
  • From the website, section "Books" : Department of War: Numbered Documents United States publications such as drill regulations and other field manuals, all published in 1917. Some were reprints of, or based on, British publications. Also under the section "Books", see the individual books listed under the headings "Infantry Manuals and Handbooks", and "Gas Chemical Warfare during WW1".

Army Orders

Prior to 1888, for those editions which contained it, (at least to 1863 and possibly before) the section was titled "Army Circulars", or "Warrants, Circulars etc".

Army Regulations

Admission to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst




Royal Warrant for the Pay, Appointment, Promotion, and Non-effective Pay of the Army, 1899 HMSO 1899
Royal Warrant for the Pay, Appointment, Promotion, and Non-effective Pay of the Army, 1906 HMSO 1906. HathiTrust Digital Library.
Royal Warrant for the Pay, Appointment, Promotion, and Non-effective Pay of the Army, 1907 HMSO 1907. HathiTrust Digital Library
The King's Regulations and Orders for the Army. 1912; Reprinted with Amendments published in Army Orders up to 1st August, 1914 HMSO 1914 HathiTrust Digital Library. version
Various amendments and reprints of amendments to the King's Regulations published between 1916 and 1921. British Library Digital Collection. Click on “View the catalogue record” for more details.
The King's Regulations for the Army and the Army Reserve 1935 If this link is not permanent, from the Home page, hover your mouse over Home on the toolbar, and select free resources/King's Regs 1935. Note: to browse pages, it only seems possible to click "Next" on the toolbar, or "Back to results" near the toolbar, which returns you to the chapter headings. It does not seem possible to select a specific page to browse, although it is possible to search for a specific paragraph.
Other editions, and later amendments, not available online, were published in 1923; 1928; 1928 Amendments (available TNA RG 48/3244); 1935 Amendments (British Library UIN: BLL01001093517); 1940 (BL UIN: BLL01001093519) and 1940 Amendments (BL UIN: BLL01001093520). 1923 edition was "Issued with Army Orders for September 1923," so possibly this edition, and also others, may be found in TNA series of records WO 123 Army Orders. Imperial War Museums holds 1923, 1928 and other editions (catalogue reference LBY S. 6 / 302). There were also various editions of Regulations for the Territorial Force including a 1915 edition (BL UIN: BLL01001097720), and National Archives records, part of WO 279. Oxford University Library holds a series of the earlier Regulations for the Volunteer Force, for editions 1863 to 1904, catalogue entry, including an online 1878 (but catalogued as 1863) edition.
Field Service Regulations. Part I, Operations 1909 (Reprinted with Amendments 1912) HMSO.
Field Service Regulations Part II. Organisation and Administration 1909 (Reprinted with Amendments 1913)
Field Service Regulations Volume II: Operations - General 1935 Select the one page option if viewing online.
Cashiering and Dismissal by G Norman Lieber, Judge Advocate, U S Army. Publication is not dated, but one source states 1899. Although written by a US Army Judge, there is content about British Army practice.

Medical Department/Army Medical Services

  • Regulations for the Medical Department of Her Majesty's Army
1878, 1885
  • Regulations for Army Medical Services HMSO.
1890 Part I. Includes Medical Staff; 1890 (updated from 1889 edition) Part II Manual for the Medical Staff Corps. 1894.
Royal Army Medical Corps Training 1911 War Office HMSO.
Royal Army Medical Corps training, 1911. Reprinted 1915 War Office. HMSO. HathiTrust Digital Library.
Second edition. Injuries and Diseases of War : a Manual based on experience of the present campaign in France. January 1918. 40 Misc. 2051 His Majesty's Stationery Office 1918. A Manual for RAMC personnel. UNSW Library (Sydney) Digital Collection.
Injuries... [Same title as immediately above ] Reprint of the Official British Manual Washington DC 1918 Google Books.


Manuals, Handbooks etc

Instructions for Armourers ... 1912. Reprinted with amendments, 1916. 40/W.O./2796 War Office HMSO 1916. British Library Digital Collection.
  • List of Changes in War Material and of Patterns of Military Stores. HMSO. War Office publication, which was issued monthly with the Army Orders, (but as a separate publication) published at least in the period 1860-1965. Initially the title may have included the spelling Materiel. There is a distinction between clothing, which means uniforms, special clothing, badges etc, and equipment, which covers personal equipment such as the pattern 1908, personal arms, accoutrements, and all forms of unit equipment from field guns to harness and saddlery to wagons.
1904 12 monthly editions 11946 to 12524.;
January to December 1917 (with Index) - Volume XXIX 17978 to 19686 - if link is not permanent use the record Search with Search term List of Changes in War Material and dates 1917
At TNA, Kew WO 359/1-21 record series are Changes relating to Clothing and and Necessaries. Other editions may possibly be available in The National Archives series WO 123 Army Orders as they were issued with Army Orders, but as a separate publication. The Archives of the Royal Armouries has a collection 1860-1965, catalogue reference "WAR 4" (with 289 archive references to WAR 4/18/4), probably located at Leeds. List of Changes Wikipedia.
Many extracts from List of Changes relating to personal equipment may be found in the website Karkee Web: British & Empire Accoutrements and Personal Equipment of the Twentieth Century.
The British Library holds five volumes of the title List of changes in British war material in relation to edged weapons, firearms and associated ammunition and accoutrements compiled by Ian D. Skennerton, covering the period 1860-1926, published 1977-, UIN: BLL01012322718. Details of the publications. The British Library also holds List of changes in war materiel and of patterns of military stores which have been approved by the Government of India for Her [His] Majesty's Army serving in India Issued by the Dir-Gen of Ordnance/Master-Gen of Ordnance/Master-Gen of Supply. From IOR/L/MIL/17/5/2091 (1880) to IOR/L/MIL/17/5/2122 (1947).
Training and Manoeuvre Regulations, 1913 General Staff, War Office. HMSO
Infantry Training (4-Company Organization) 1914 40/War Office/2052. General Staff, War Office HMSO
Infantry Training Vol. II War 1921 Provisional HMSO
Infantry Training: Training and War 1937 HMSO Notified in Army Orders for August 1937. 26/Manuals/1447.
Manual of Map Reading and Field Sketching 1912 Reprinted with additions 1914 by General Staff –War Office. HMSO, London. Pdf file. The book file contains, at the front, and at the back, a catalogue of all HMSO Military Books then available. Previously website of Australian Army. Also available, poor quality with some missing pages Probably 1914 edition, but catalogued 1912.
Manual of Map Reading, Photo Reading and Field Sketching 1929 (reprinted with Amendments (Nos. 1 to 4) 1939) The War Office. HMSO., Vickers MG Collection.
Manual of Map Reading... Part 1 Map Reading 1955 Books to Borrow/Lending Library.
Field Service Pocket Book, 1914 40/W.O./1852 General Staff, War Office HMSO. Contents Includes
Field Service Pocket Book: Part 1 countries other than India. Corrected up to August 1925 issued March 1926. Australian Army (previous) website. mirror version. Another file
Field Service Pocket Book. Part II - India 1928
There are a number of editions of FSPB on the Vickers MG website, see Collections of Army publications above, with many/all? uploaded to the Internet Archive (
  • The Royal Engineers Field-Service Pocket-Book, 3rd edition 1915 edited by Major W J Johnston. Download may be possible, see under Actions "Permissions and access" (registration required, fee seems to/perhaps may apply for digital copies- see FAQ). Digital Collection University of Calgary Canada.
  • Instruction in Army Telegraphy and Telephony
Volume I-Instruments 40/WO/2277. Reprinted with corrections 1914, 1916 printing. Elsewhere, original edition stated to be 1908. HMSO
Volume II-Lines 1909, reprinted with corrections 1914 HMSO.
Animal Management 1908, printed 1914 HMSO. Includes Chapter X "The mule, donkey, camel and ox".
Veterinary Manual (War), 1915 War Office. State Library of Victoria.
Catechism of Animal Management, etc. 40/W.O./2466 War Office HMSO London, 1916. British Library Digital Collection.
Veterinary Manual for War 1923 (pdf file). Australian Army file. mirror version.
Animal Management 1923 HMSO 1923. Issued with Army Orders for July 1923. 17/4260. HathiTrust Digital Library.
Animal Management 1933. "Notified in Army Orders for March 1933" 116/Vet./294 HMSO 1923., Wellcome Library collection.
Manual of Horsemastership, Equitation and Animal Transport HMSO 1937. "Notified in Army Orders for December 1937". Includes content about Mule and Camel Pack Transport and Pack Saddlery.
Camps, Billets, Cooking American edition [1917]
Field Entrenchments 1916
Field Training-Signalling American edition 1918
Musketry 1915
Manual of Field Works (All Arms) 1925. (Issued with Army Orders for December 1925) HMSO 1925. HathiTrust Digital Library. Pages are rotatable. Calcutta 1926 reprint At times poor quality print and digital filming.

Pamphlets by the Central Distribution Section (CDS) and Stationery Service (SS)

Details of British Army pamphlets produced by the Central Distribution Section (CDS) and Stationery Service (SS) may be found in a Great War Forum topic.[1] The content appears to be similar to Manuals, Handbooks etc, but with fewer pages.

Other pamphlets and information sheets

  • AF W3315 "Rates for Certain Articles of Clothing, Necessaries & Equipment" dated 3/18, printed in France by Army Printing and Stationery Services, may be found in a Great War Forum topic.[2]

Standing Orders

Army Forms

  • Details of many Army Forms may be found in two Great War Forum topics, "List of Army Forms" and "army form scans was A R M Y F O R M database." [3]
  • The First World War Poetry Digital Archive, which contains The Great War Archive, contains many forms which may be found by the Search using search term "Army Form", or "Official document", or your specific search term. A limited number are from the "The John Johnson Collection" The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford.
  • Short Service - Army Form B 2514.6. "Special Re-enlistment" post-Armistice WW1, "applicable to Stations at Home and Abroad other than India".[4]

The General Annual Report on the British Army

Editions from 1902 to 1938 of The General Annual Report on the British Army are available on the library subscription website U.K. Parliamentary Papers. For more details, see Subscription websites-online newspapers, journals and directories, section Other British and Irish publications. Your library must have subscribed for the 20th Century module.

The General Annual Report on the British Army September 1906 may be downloaded as a series of pdfs from the website

British Army Despatch

Published 1848-53 as British Army Despatch, etc. 1853-54 as British Army Despatch and Royal Naval Record and 1854-56 as British Army Despatch and Nautical Standard. [5]

This publication is available on Findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites (introduced 18/25 August 2021). The date range is 14 July 1848 to 11 July 1856, with details on a BNA page. It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date".

The British Indian Military Repository

All volumes are from Google Books

Volume and Year Contents Contents Contents
Volume 1, 1822 Part 1 Part 2
Volume 2, 1823 Part 1 Part 2
Volume 3, 1824 Part 1 Part 2
Volume 4, 1826 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Volume 5, 1827 Part 1 Unindexed pages139-255 Part 3

Broad Arrow

The title varied over time and included The Broad Arrow. A paper for the Services and The Broad Arrow. The Naval and Military Gazette, the latter title probably from 1886, when The Naval and Military Gazette ceased publication. The British Library holds issues 1 July 1868-25 Dec.1869; 7 Jan.1871-18 April 1917 UIN: BLL01013899944
This publication is available on findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites. The date range is 01 July 1868 to 29 December 1877 and additionally, 02 January 1914 to 18 April 1917 with details on a BNA page, It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date".

The Cavalry Journal

The Cavalry Journal was published by The Royal United Service Institution, London from 1906 to 1942. The cover/internal title for quarterly editions from April 1938 was The Cavalry Journal Horsed and Mechanised.
The Cavalry Journal at from Volume 1 1906 to Volume 32 1942, all editions. There were no editions 1915-1919. Most editions contain some articles about India.

There was also an American publication with the same title.

The Royal Armoured Corps Journal, Incorporating the Cavalry Journal and the Royal Tank Corps Journal commenced in 1946.

Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research

Journal of the Royal United Service Institution

A London publication which generally contained a few articles about India in each edition.

The journals below are from the Google Books,, HathiTrust Digital Library websites.

This journal later changed its name to the Journal of the Royal United Services Institute and some of the journals below may have been catalogued by the online websites under this latter name,

1858, Volume 1-Contents 1859, Volume 2-Contents 1860, Volume 3-Contents
1861, Volume 4-Contents 1862,Volume 5-Contents 1863, Volume 6-Contents 1864, Volume 7-Contents 1865, Volume 8-Contents
1866, Volume 9-Contents 1867, Volume 10-Contents

Index, Volumes 1-10 1868

1868, Volume 11-Contents 1869, Volume 12-Contents 1870, Volume 13-Contents
1871, Volume 14-Contents 1872, Volume 15-Contents 1873, Volume 16- Contents 1874, Volume 17-Contents 1875, Volume 18-Contents
1876, Volume 19-Contents 1877, Volume 20- Contents

Index, Volumes 11-20 1879

1878, Volume 21-


1879, Volume 22-Contents 1880, Volume 23-


1881, Volume 24-


1882, Volume 25-


1883, Volume 26-


1884, Volume 27-


1885, Volume 28-


1885-6, Volume 29-


1886-7, Volume 30-Contents 1887-88 Volume 31-


1888, Volume 32 No Contents page. 1889-90, Volume 33-Contents
1890-91, Volume 34-


1891, Volume 35-


1892, Volume 36- Contents 1893, Volume 37-


1894, Volume 38-


Jan-June 1895, Volume 39-


Jan-June 1906, Volume 50-


July -Dec 1909, Volume 53-Index collection of digitised microfilm Volumes from 1857 to 1927, with some Index volumes for later years. (Uploaded 2021).

For those resident in some countries, some volumes may be read online on the Hathi Trust Digital Library, catalogue entries include A, B, C and D

If any text is hard to read, and you wish to view an alternative digital file, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek has a run of digitised copies, currently to Volume 22, 1879. Use the Search.

Journal of the United Service Institution of India, or USI Journal

A Journal has been published since 1871. The following indexes (pdfs) are available from : Index Part 1: 1871-1921 but missing 1883, Index Part 2: 1922-1970. The Journals are available at the British Library from 1883 (Volume 12).

All from, many from the Public Library of India Collection. There are also later editions available, mainly from the 1970s and later.

Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine

Full title: The Illustrated Naval and Military Magazine: A Monthly Journal devoted to all subjects connected with Her Majesty’s Land and Sea Forces. Published July 1884-1890.
Volume 2, 1885; Catalogued 1887- believed to be Vol. 7; Vol. 8, 1888. These volume are for a six months period,
New Series Vol. 1, 1889, New Series Vol. 2, 1889; New Series Vol. 3, 1889; New Series Vol. 4, 1890; New Series Vol. 6 1890.
HathiTrust Digital Library A and B available in North America etc

Indian Army List

See Indian Army List online and Directories online.

Indian Army Orders/Instructions/Regulations

Indian Army Orders

  • India Army Orders. Include Appointments, Promotions, Long Service Medals etc. Originally from the Digital Library of India, with mirror images on Based on catalogue details unless otherwise specified. Some volumes are catalogues as Indian Army Orders.
1908 (catalogued Jan,vi Th, 1945); 1910 (catalogued Jan,thired 1855); 1911; 1912; 1913; 1914; 1915; 1916; 1919, 1919 Special Orders; 1920; 1922; 1923; November 1924; 1925 1927; 1928; 1929; 1931; 1932; 1933.
Compendium of the More Important Army Order 1919., Public Library of India Collection. Full title: Compendium of the More Important Orders of the Government of India, Army Department and India Army Orders issued from the 1st August 1914, to the 31st December 1917.
Additional editions are available at the British Library with catalogue entry Indian Army Orders ‎ (1903-1947) IOR/L/MIL/17/5/245-299


Government Of India: Army Department Army Instruction (Instructions). Originally from Digital Library of India, now with mirror versions on Based on catalogue details. Note some years have multiple files which may, or may not, have different content.

1918, 1918, different format but incorrectly catalogued 1920; 1919; 1920; 1921; 1922, 1922; 1923, 1923; 1924, January-June Note very poor quality file. Some pages are upside down. In one part of the book every 2nd page is irrelevant (different book); 1926.
Additional editions are available at the British Library with catalogue entry Indian Army: Army Instructions (India) ‎(1918-1946) IOR/L/MIL/17/5/501-529


Dress Regulations India 1926. version. Mirror from Digital Library of India. Print quality is poor for most pages. The text commences digital file page 8. Index, digital file page 106. It seems likely that pages are missing from the digital file.
Dress Regulations For The Army(1934) version. Mirror from Digital Library of India.
  • Army Regulations India Clothing Vol XI 1916 version. Mirror from Digital Library of India. [Clothing Regulations are in respect of soldiers who are not officers]
  • Army Regulations India Barrack Synopsis India 1930 version. Mirror from Digital Library of India.

Naval & Military Gazette

  • Naval & Military Gazette and Weekly Chronicle of the United Service is available on findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites. The date range is Saturday 09 February 1833 to Wednesday 17 February 1886, with issues 1833-1846, 1860-1886, with details on a BNA page. It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date".
Publication appears to have ceased in 1886. It then, (or subsequently) became incorporated into Broad Arrow, refer entry above.
  • Naval and Military Gazette and East India and Colonial Chronicle. Appears to be the earlier title of the publication above.
1839: Jan.-Dec. Note, title page says 1838, but contents is for 1839; 1844: Jan.-July Very poor quality.; 6 issues (weekly), 15 Jan-19 Feb 1853

Navy & Army Illustrated

Navy and Army Illustrated. A Magazine Descriptive and Illustrative of Everyday Life in the Defensive Services of the British Empire. Published from 1895, to at least 1905 (Volume 21). Again published 1914-1915.

  • Volume IV, for the period May 28th, 1897 to October 21st, 1897. Index.
Volume V, 2nd file 29 October 1897 to 18 March 1898.
Volume VI, 2nd file 26 March 1898 to 17 September 1898. All
  • HathiTrust Digital Library editions A, B 1895-1905 with full view available 1895-1897 (as at 2023) with other years restricted access only, available to those in North America, and perhaps some other countries.
  • Issues 1895-1902 (the majority being 1896-1901) are available on the pay website TheGenealogist, with a Diamond subscription required, part of the Newspapers & Magazines database.

Navy List

Useful for researching an Officer's career. There have been several version of the Navy List.

  • 1782-1816 Steel's Navy List. Full title: Steel's Original and Correct List of the Royal Navy. Published monthly during times of war, quarterly at other times.
  • 1814 to present day: Official "Navy List"
  • 1841-1856 Unofficial "New Navy List" - which often gives biographical details. [6]
Note: Many of the digital files contain two separate volumes, which may not be specifically listed below.

The Navy Lists include the Royal Marines, also known as the Royal Marine Forces. At various periods there were the Royal Marines Artillery (RMA), and the Royal Marines Light Infantry (RMLI), later the Royal Marine Light Infantry.

For Navy Lists not available online, see the Fibiwiki page Royal Navy.

The Internet Archive ( has the most extensive collection of online Navy Lists, see following.

  • From the Google Books website
Steel's List 1782

March 31, 1782
April 30, 1782#

Steel's List 1783

January 31, 1783#
February 28, 1783#

Steel's List 1795

January 1795#
November 1795-FamilySearch file
Sign in to FS needed
to view the file

Steel's List February 1797

British Library version

Steel's List March 1798# Steel's List February 1799

British Library version

Steel's List 1802. Monthly Lists each month January to December

Note poor quality digital file.

Navy List September 1814 Navy List September 1816 Navy List March 1834 New Navy List November 1840
New Navy List August 1841 New Navy List Feb 1842 New Navy List Feb 1843 New Navy List August 1843 New Navy List Feb 1844
New Navy List Jan 1847 Navy List December 1847 New Navy List January 1849 New Navy List January 1851 New Navy List January 1852
New Navy List August 1852 New Navy List November 1852 New Navy List Feb 1853 New Navy List February 1854 New Navy List Feb 1855
Navy List December 1856 Navy List December 1858 Navy List March 1861 Navy List December 1864 Navy List Jan 1866
Navy List June 1870 Navy List September 1870 Navy List June 1871 Navy List September 1871 Navy List December 1872

January 1873

Navy List [April], [May], [June] 1883 Navy List [January] 1887 Q, [April] 1887 Q Navy List [April] 1891 Q
# Part of the same digital file as March 31, 1782. Also available Same digital file containing 5 parts, but appears to be lacking at least one part. Oxford University Library.
  • Nine editions (at 2022/02) of Steel's Original and Correct List of the Royal Navy, for 1782 May and December; 1795 January; 1797 February; 1799 October; 1800 March, June, August and December (noting 2 of these are also available elsewhere) are available on the Library subscription website Eighteen Century Collections Online (ECCO) (see Subscription websites-online newspapers, journals and directories for details of possible access).
  • Online editions 1818 to 1885, Oxford University It is likely all these editions are also available in Google Books editions.
  • From the HathiTrust Digital Library The Navy List broken ranges 1814-1891, 1907-1917, 1937-1938 full view. The HathiTrust pages can be rotated if required.
  • The Navy List FamilySearch Catalogue entry includes digitised microfilm 990325 which consists of December 1912 (image 6, item 1), July 1929 (image 360, item 2) and May 1935 (image 829, item 3), which do not appear to be available online elsewhere. Unfortunately the viewing format is the FamilySearch "digitised microfilm" format, not the FamilySearch "Digital Library" format. It is necessary to sign in to FamilySearch to view.

The Internet Archive ( website

Navy List at, date of publication not immediately apparent for some editions, but in some instances the book URL may indicate the edition. Includes editions from 1814 to 1945, with a few later (latest years displayed first). For the majority of editions where the date of publication has been entered, use the filters on the left hand side of the webpage to select the required years of interest. Includes

Also included on from the collection of the National Library of Scotland on
the sub collection British Navy Lists, in respect of the Royal Navy for the 1st and 2nd World War periods, searchable as a collection.

The Lists were initially published on a monthly basis, but some years were only published quarterly. Monthly Naval Lists appear to have been published for the period 1913-1920, but not all are available digitally. The lists below covering 1913, 1914, 1918, 1919 and 1920 contain both monthly and quarterly editions. The Quarterly Navy Lists were published January, April, July and October. The NLS holding does not include monthly lists for those months covered by quarterly lists, and it is probable that in fact there was only one List, not two, published when there was a Quarterly edition.

The Lists are also available on the website of the NLS, with transcriptions available, together with a Search facility, as Navy Lists: 1913 to 1944. Some researchers prefer the NLS website for searching, but prefer for general reading.

Note: During the First and Second World Wars there were two separate editions of the Navy List, one of which was a Confidential version for official use only, the other being an expurgated version available to the general public. Available at the National Archives, Kew Series ADM 177 1914-1945 Admiralty: Navy Lists, Confidential Edition. Most, perhaps all, are available to download from the National Archives website. In normal circumstances there is a fee charged, however currently (2022/02) due to covid conditions, the downloads are free.
In addition the British Library holds Supplement to the Monthly Naval list : showing organisation of the fleet, flag officers' commands, &c. (Jan. 1915-July 1919), a monthly publication (missing some months). UIN: BLL01004135118.
The editions mentioned below appear to be those available to the general public.

March 1913, Contents April 1913, Contents
May 1913, Contents June 1913, Contents July 1913, Contents August 1913, Contents
September 1913, Contents October 1913, Contents November 1913, Contents December 1913, Contents
January 1914, Contents February 1914, Contents March 1914, Contents April 1914, Contents
May 1914, Contents June 1914, Contents July 1914, Contents August 1914, Contents
September 1914, Contents October 1914, Contents November 1914, Contents December 1914, Contents
January 1915, Contents April 1915, Contents July 1915, Contents October 1915, Contents
January 1916, Contents April 1916, Contents July 1916, Contents October 1916, Contents
January 1917, Contents April 1917, Contents July 1917, Contents October 1917, Contents
January 1918, Contents April 1918, Contents July 1918, Contents October 1918, Contents
December 1918, Contents
January 1919, Contents February 1919, Contents March 1919, Contents
May 1919, Contents June 1919, Contents July 1919, Contents August 1919, Contents
September 1919, Contents October 1919, Contents November 1919, Contents December 1919, Contents
January 1920, Contents February 1920, Contents March 1920, Contents April 1920, Contents
May 1920, Contents June 1920, Contents July 1920, Contents August 1920, Contents
September 1920, Contents October 1920, Contents November 1920, Contents December 1920 Contents
January 1921, Contents

Currently available on (at June 2022), noting that the dates on some editions are not included in the title, are

  • 1937 April - 1938 June (These editions are not from the NLS Collection)
  • 1939 February- September, December
  • 1940 February-July, October, December
  • 1941 April, June, August, October
  • 1942 February, April, June, August, October, December
  • 1943 February, April, June, August, October, December
  • 1944 February, April, June, October
  • 1945 January, April, July
Most of these editions 1939-1945 appear to be linked from the website Navy List Research.

Please note it is possible there may be several different volumes for a particular date, as there are for Army Lists. The Contents page will generally be at the front of the first volume. There may be an Index at the back of the last volume.

Available on pay websites:

  • On Ancestry: UK, Navy Lists, 1888-1970, located in Military. Searchable and browsable. Includes volumes in the interwar period 1921-1939, (including 1921, October; 1923, January; 1924; 1925, April; 1926, January - March; 1927, July; 1928, January; 1929, February; 1931, July; 1933, January; 1934, July; 1935, October.) and also other periods, which do not appear to be available elsewhere online. These same volumes appear to be available on the Ancestry owned pay website, however strangely many pages such as the title pages and content pages are missing from the digital files, so you must reply on the fold3 catalogue for the date of the volume you are looking at.
  • On findmypast, located in Armed Forces & Conflict/Directories & Almanacs, introduced July 2018. Britain, Royal Navy, Navy Lists 1827-1945 and Britain, Royal Navy, Navy Lists 1827-1945 Browse. The coverage in general terms seems to be available elsewhere.

Navy Regulations, Manuals etc

The King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions for the Government of His Majesty's Naval Service. 1906 HathiTrust Digital Library.
The King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions for the Government of His Majesty's Naval Service, Volume I HMSO 1913, reprinted 1916.
Vol. I 1916 reprint, HathiTrust, Vol. I 1919 reprint, HathiTrust with rotatable pages.
Kings Regulations & Admiralty Instructions - Part II 1913 Transcribed version, not all sections available. version, archived version
Manual of Seamanship (B.R. 67) Admiralty publication HMSO 1951-1954. Volume 1, B.R. 67 (1/51) 1951, Volume 2, B.R. 67 (2/51) 1952, Volume 3, B.R. 67 (3/51) 1954.
Admiralty Manual of Seamanship (B.R. 67) published 1964-1967. Volume 1 1964; Volume 2 1967; Volume 3 1967, first published 1964. HMSO publications.
  • Admiralty Fleet Orders ADM 182 Catalogue description, The National Archives, Kew. "Printed routine orders issued to ships and establishments for information, guidance and action. The orders cover matters of general interest or requiring wide circulation, including technical, administrative and disciplinary regulations, and official instructions and information."
Digitised Admiralty Fleet Orders 1910-1945 (incomplete series). Website of Australian Navy/History & Research /Reference Material/Historic Publications.

Australian Navy

Report on the Health of the Navy

Title varied. Initially titled Statistical Report on the Health of the Navy, and some editions possibly may have been titled Statistical Report of the Health of the Navy. Also A Statistical Return of the Health of the Royal Navy. Later titles may have omitted Statistical. It appears to have been published generally annually from 1830, through to c 1936 by HMSO [His/Her Majesty's Stationery Office] and also presented to the House of Commons as a Parliamentary Paper. Accordingly it should be available through the subscription website UK Parliamentary Papers, see Subscription websites-online newspapers, journals and directories for details and suggested access. Your Library needs to have subscribed for the module covering the period required.

1866 (1868); 1867 (1869). Ordered to be printed by the House of Commons. HMSO., Granth Sanjeevani Collection.

New Annual Army List

See Fibiwiki page Army List for British Army online - New Annual Army List.

New Army List

See Fibiwiki page Army List for British Army online - New Army List.

Quarterly Army List

See Fibiwiki page Army List for British Army online - Quarterly Army List.

Monthly Army List

See Fibiwiki page Army List for British Army online - Monthly Army List.

Minutes of Proceedings of the Royal Artillery Institution

Volumes are from the Google Books and websites.

The volumes below are catalogued by Google Books under the title The Journal of the Royal Artillery, which was the title from 1905.

Volume 1 1858-Contents Volume 2 1861-Contents Volume 3 1863-


Volume 4 1865-Contents Volume 5, 1867


Volume 6 1870-Contents Volume 7, 1871-Contents Volume 8 1874-Contents Volume 9 1877-Contents Volume 10, 1879-Contents
Volume 11 1881-Contents Volume 15 1888-Contents Volume 19 1892-Contents Volume 20 1893-Contents Volume 21 1894-Contents
Volume 23 1896-Contents Volume 24 1897-


Volume 25 1898-Contents Volume 26 1899-Contents

Researchers in areas such as North America may be able to view The Journal of the Royal Artillery from 1910. Also 1907 Google Books.

The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine

The title varies: 1827-1828, Naval and Military Magazine ; Jan. 1829-Dec. 1841, The United Service Journal and Naval and Military magazine; Jan. 1842-Apr. 1843, The United Service Magazine and Naval and Military Journal: May 1843-Dec. 1882, Colburn's United Service Magazine and Naval and Military Journal; Jan. 1883-Dec. 1887, Colburn's United Service Magazine and Journal of the Army, Navy and Auxiliary Forces; Jan. 1888-Mar. 1890, Colburn's United Service Magazine. The title then became The United Service Magazine, which was published until June 1920. Many of the Google Books are catalogued under the latter title. Most of the links below are from Google Books.

Volume numbers were irregular: Jan. 1829-Dec. 1884 without volume numbering; Jan. 1885-Apr. 1888 called v. 113-119; May 1888-Mar. 1890, v. 119-122 (new ser. v. 1-4); Apr. 1890-Sept. 1900, old ser. v.107-127 (new ser. v. 1-21); Oct. 1900-June 1920, old ser. v. 143-182 (new ser. v. 22-61)

From 1920 the title became The Army Quarterly.

A researcher found details of the locations of both service company and reserve/depot company for his regiment of interest in the 1830s-1840s. Stations of the British Army were generally tabulated within the “Editor’s Portfolio”, but sometimes separately.[7]

Volume 1, Second Edition 1827-Contents Volume 2 1827-Index Volume 3 1828-Index Volume 4 1828-Index

1829 Part 1-Contents 1829 Part 2-Contents
1830 Part 1-Contents 1830 Part 2-Contents
1831 Part 1-Contents 1831 Part 2-Contents 1831 Part 3-Contents
1832 Part 1-Contents 1832 Part 2-Contents 1832 Part 3-Contents
1833 Part 1-Contents 1833 Part 2-Contents 1833 Part 3-Contents
1834 Part 1-Contents 1834 Part 2-Contents * 1834 Part 3-Contents
1835 Part 1-Contents 1835 Part 2-Contents 1835 Part 3-Contents
1836 Part 1-Contents 1836 Part 2-Contents 1836 Part 3-Contents
1837 Part 1-Contents 1837 Part 2-Contents 1837 Part 3-Contents
1838 Part 1-Contents 1838 Part 2-Contents 1838 Part 3-Contents
1839 Part 1-Contents 1839 Part 2-Contents 1839 Part 3-Contents
1840 Part 1-Contents 1840 Part 2-Contents 1840 Part 3-Index

1841 Part 1-Contents 1841 Part 2-Contents 1841 Part 3-Contents
1842 Part 1-Contents 1842 Part 2-Contents 1842 Part 3-Contents
1843 Part 1-Contents 1843 Part 2-Contents 1843 Part 3-Contents
1844 Part 1-Contents 1844 Part 2-Contents 1844 Part 3-Contents
1845 Part 1-Contents 1845 Part 2-Contents 1845 Part 3-Contents
1846 Part 1-Contents 1846 Part 2-Contents 1846 Part 3-Contents
1847 Part 1-Contents 1847 Part 2-Contents 1847 Part 3-Contents
1848 Part 1-Contents 1848 Part 2-Contents 1848 Part 3-Contents
1849 Part 1-Contents 1849 Part 2-Contents 1849 Part 3-Contents
1850 Part 1-Contents 1850 Part 2-Contents 1850 Part 3-Contents

1851 Part 1-Contents 1851 Part 2-Contents 1851 Part 3-Contents
1852 Part 1-Contents 1852 Part 2-Contents 1852 Part 3-Contents
1853 Part 1-Contents 1853 Part 2-Contents 1853 Part 3-Contents
1854 Part 1-Contents 1854 Part 2-Contents 1854 Part 3-Contents
1855 Part 1-Contents 1855 Part 2-Contents 1855 Part 3-Contents
1856 Part 1-Contents 1856 Part 2-Contents 1856 Part 3-Contents
1857 Part 1-Contents 1857 Part 2-Contents 1857 Part 3-Contents
1858 Part 1-Contents 1858 Part 2-Contents 1858 Part 3-Contents
1859 Part 1-Contents 1859 Part 2-Contents 1859 Part 3-Contents
1860 Part 1-Contents 1860 Part 2-Contents 1860 Part 3-Contents

1861 Part 1-Contents 1861 Part 2-Contents 1861 Part 3-Contents
1862 Part 1-Contents 1862 Part 2-Contents 1862 Part 3-Contents
1863 Part 1-Contents 1863 Part 2-Contents 1863 Part 3-Contents
1864 Part 1-Contents * 1864 Part 2-Contents 1864 Part 3-Contents
1865 Part 1-Contents 1865 Part 2-Contents * 1865 Part 3-Contents
1866 Part 1-Contents 1866 Part 2-Contents 1866 Part 3-Contents
1867 Part 1-Contents 1867 Part 2-Contents 1867 Part 3-Contents
1868 Part 1-Contents 1868 Part 2-

Contents July, Aug, Sept

1868 Part 3-Contents
1869 Part 1-Contents 1869 Part 2-Contents 1869 Part 3-Contents
1870 Part 1-Contents 1870 Part 2-Contents 1870 Part 3-Contents

1871 Part 1-Contents 1871 Part 2-Contents 1871 Part 3-Contents
1872 Part 1-Contents * 1872 Part 2-Contents * 1872 Part 3-Contents *
1873 Part 1-Contents 1873 Part 2-Contents * 1873 Part 3-Contents
1874 Part 1-Contents * 1874 Part 2-Contents * 1874 Part 3-Contents *
1875 Part 1-Contents 1875 Part 2-Contents 1875 Part 3-Contents
1876 Part 1-Contents 1876 Part 2- Contents
1877 Part 3-Contents
1878 Part 1- Contents 1878 Part 2-Contents 1878 Part 3-Contents
1879 Part 1-Contents 1879 Part 2-Contents 1879 Part 3-Contents
1880 Part 1-Contents 1880 Part 2-Contents 1880 Part 3-Contents
1881, Part 1-Contents 1881 Part 2-Contents 1881 Part 3-Contents
1882 Part 1- Contents 1882 Part 2-Contents 1882 Part 3- Contents

*Hathi Trust Digital Library. Also 1881-1882 are from this source.

1883 Part 2, July- Dec.
1884 [Part 2] July-
1885 Part 1-Contents 1885, Part 2- Contents
1886 Part 2- Contents
1887 Part 1- Contents 1887 Part 2-Contents
1888 [Part 1 (Jan.-Apr. 1888)]
Vol. III May 1889 to October 1889-Contents 1889, November-

The above section all from HathiTrust Digital Library.

Vol. 3 New Series April 1891 to September 1891-Contents
Vol. 7 New Series April 1893 to September 1893-Contents Vol. 8 New Series October 1893 to April 1894-Contents
Vol 9 New Series May 1894 to September 1894-Contents Vol. 10 New Series October 1894 to March 1895-


Vol. 11 New Series April 1895 to September 1895- Contents
Vol. 29 New Series April 1904 to September 1904-Contents

The above section mainly from HathiTrust Digital Library.

Restricted access, probably accessible by those in North America. Google Books has many editions, 1894, 1895 and 1908. Also restricted access, the HathiTrust Digital Library has editions after 1880 including some for the early 1890s: page 1 and page 2


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