Montgomery District

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Montgomery District
Montgomery district.jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 30.664468°N 73.108496°E
Present Day Details
Place Name: Okara District, Pakpattan District, Sahiwal District
State/Province: Punjab
Country: Pakistan
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Montgomery District, earlier known as Gugera, was the south-eastermost of the six districts of Multan Division until 1916[1] It was subsequently one of the six districts of Lahore Division.


It was named after Sir Robert Montgomery, the Lt. Governor of Punjab in 1865. Since 1966, it has been known as Sahiwal District.


As in 1884.

District Headquarters

Cities and Towns


There were four tehsils:

  • Montgomery
  • Gugera
  • Dipalpur
  • Pak Pattan



The Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway ran through the district. There were stations at: Okara.

Sites of Interest

  • Shrine of Baba Farid (Shakar Ganj)



  • Gazetteer of the Montgomery District 1883-1884 Govenrment of Punjab, 1884. Reprinted by Sang-e-Meel Publications Lahore, 1990

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