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The North-Western Railway Battalion were an auxiliary regiment. They comprised staff of the North Western Railway.


  • 1886 raised as 3rd or Sind, Punjab and Indus Valley Railways Volunteer Rifle Corps on 5th March[1]
  • 1888 designation changed to 3rd Punjab (North-Western Railway) Volunteer Rifle Corps[1]
  • 1892 became the North-Western Railway Volunteer Rifles on 27th July[1]
  • 1917 1st April, became the 24th North-Western Railway Battalion[1]
  • 1920 1st October, redesignated North-Western Railway Regiment[1]
  • 1933 renamed North-Western Railway Battalion on 1st April[1]


In 1901:[2]

  • Headquarters - Lahore
  • Uniform - Khaki serge or drill

By 1940:[1]

  • Uniform - Khaki
  • Badge - N.W. Railway


Regularly supported the regular forces during the troubles on the North West Frontier by manning armoured trains.

Volunteer regiments were formed during the First World War. The article "Indian Volunteers in the Great War East African Campaign" (refer External links below) gives details of The North-Western Railway Volunteers, who served in East Africa, although the Commonwealth War Graves Commission classifies them as an East African Protectorate unit in its records.

There is also reference to service in Mesopotamia, and perhaps Persia,[3] but it is not known whether this was by an individual officer, perhaps doing survey type work, or whether other volunteers from the Battalion were also deployed there.

FIBIS resources

  • "The North-Western Railway Volunteer Rifles in East Africa in the First World War" by Noel Clark FIBIS Journal Number 32 (Autumn 2014), pages 30-33. For details of how to access this article, see FIBIS Journals.

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It is advised there were twelve companies containing 1143 "Efficient" at 1 September 1898. These companies were possibly located at Lahore, and Amritsar, Jhind (Jind), Karachi, Khost (Baluchistan), Kotri, Mooltan, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Saharanpur, Sealdah, near Calcutta and Umballa


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