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Novels with an Indian theme have been referred to as Anglo Indian fiction.

Note however, that Anglo Indian fiction does not refer to fiction by, or about, persons of mixed British and Indian race. Rather it refers to fiction by British writers living in India, or British writers with a connection to India, or even, in some contexts fiction by Indian authors written during the British Raj period.

Authors, Anglo Indian fiction

Multi book authors

Single, or limited book authors

  • W D Arnold [William Delafield], Lieut. 58th Regiment, BNI, author of Oakfield or Fellowship In the East, refer below
  • W. Robert Foran. He wrote many non fiction books, mainly connected with Africa, but The Border of Blades : an Anglo-Indian Romance, refer below, is the only known book of fiction connected with India.
  • Iltudus Thomas Prichard

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  • Some Passages In The Life Of An Adventurer In The Punjab Printed at Delhi 1842. Easier to read, but missing at least 2 pages, compared to version 2
  • Oakfield or Fellowship In the East by W D Arnold [William Delafield], Lieut. 58th Regiment, BNI [Bengal Native infantry]. 2nd edition 1854 Volume I Volume II Google Books. Oakfield or Fellowship In the East Wikipedia, which states "The novel is an indictment of the moral standards of the British regiments in India." Originally published (1853) using the pseudonym Punjabee. Volume II is set in the period of the 2nd Sikh War.
  • The Chronicles of Budgepore; or, Sketches of Life in Upper India by Iltudus Prichard catalogued 1870. Volume I, Vol II, mirror from Granth Sanjeevani Asiatic Society of Mumbai. During the latter period of his time in India, Prichard edited the Delhi Gazette and served as barrister.
Prichard also wrote How to Manage It: a Novel 1864, concerning the Indian Mutiny, in addition to non fiction books.
  • Chronicles of Dustypore; a Tale of Modern Anglo-Indian Society [by H S Cunningham [Henry Stewart], Sir] 1875. Volume I, Volume II H. S. Cunningham Wikipedia. Born 1832, he went to India in 1866 as Government Advocate and Legal Advisor to the Punjab, based at Lahore. He became Advocate-General of Madras Presidency 1872 and judge of the Calcutta High Court 1877-1887.
Review of Chronicles of Dustypore page 73 Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham, K.C.I.E. by Margaret M. Verney 1923
Stories by Flora Annie Steel, Bithia Mary Croker, Sara Jeannette Duncan, Rudyard Kipling, Alice Perrin, Maud Diver, Lionel James, Edmund Candler, Otto Rothfeld, Leonard Woolf, George Orwell, Christine Weston, Philip Mason, Joseph Hitrec.