Nulhati-Murshidibad Tramway

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'Nulhati-Murshidibad Tramway'

The British Library India Office Records shows that permission had been granted to a Company from Manchester to build a tramway along the side of the road from Nulhati (later named Nalhati) to Murshidabad. The line of light rail type to be laid along the side of the road raised above the surface. The existing road required to be straightened and culverts and bridges installed. Motive power was to steam but not horse or bullock as concerns were raised over the mix of locomotion [1]

The above line became the Nalhati-Azimganj Railway, constructed by the Indian Branch Railway Company which opened in December 1863. This line was a 4ft(1222mm) unique rail gauge Line and ran from Nalhati only far as Azimganj, a distance of 27 miles (43 km) [2].

Further Information


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