Operations in Waziristan

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Operations in Waziristan
Part of North West Frontier Campaigns
Date: November 1936 - December 1937
Location: Waziristan, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 33.542357°N 70.326721°E
Result: Submission of tribesmen
British & Indians Waziri tribesmen
Gen Sir John Coleridge Fakir of Ipi
Up to 60,000 regular and irregular troops 4,000 tribesmen


Tori Khel tribesmen of North Waziristan led by the Fakir of Ipi were enraged at the outcome of the case of Islam Bibi, a Hindu girl who converted to Islam but was handed back to the Hindu community, and rose in revolt. The British decided to sent an expedition into the Khaisora Valley to reassert control. Columns from Razmak and Mir Ali met fierce opposition and were compelled to withdraw to Mir Ali. The insurrection spread through Waziristan and the British had to reinforce their garrisons. It proved impossible to engage the tribesmen in pitched battles and guerilla actions cost considerable casualties. Support for the Fakir began to wane and most of the additional forces were withdrawn towards the end of 1937. Trouble flared again in 1938 when a lashkar attacked Bannu. The Fakir was never caught but caused trouble to the Pakistan government until his commander, Mehar Dil, surrendered in 1954. The Fakir died in 1960.

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Also available in a reprint edition[2] which in turn is available as part of an online book on the Ancestry owned pay website fold3.[3]


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  3. Official History of Operations on the NW Frontier of India fold3 (located in Military books/India). Consists of 2 books.