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Rangoon - Strand Road.jpg
Presidency: Bengal Presidency
Coordinates: 16.868878°N 96.236255°E
Altitude: 26m (85 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Yangon
State/Province: Yangon Division
Country: Burma
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Rangoon, in what was formerly known as Lower Burma, was the capital of British Burma from 1885 and a separate district in Pegu Division during the British period. It was also the headquarters of Hanthawaddy District.


Rangoon came under British rule in the 1850s and was transformed into a busy commercial port. It became the capital of British Burma after Upper Burma was captured in the 3rd Burma War, making overland access from the rest of British India possible.

Military history

There was a cantonment at Rangoon. C 1927 a new cantonment was built at Mingaladon, twelve miles to the north of Rangoon, although some regiments remained in Rangoon. During the Second World War, Mingaladon was the location of an RAF base, which is now the Rangoon international airport.

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Yangon
Variants: Rangoon



  • Holy Trinity
  • Yangon Siyin Baptist Church, previously St Philip’s Church
  • Methodist English Church
  • Telugu Methodist Church
  • Presbyterian Church - Rangoon known as the "Scots Kirk".
  • St Mary's (Roman Catholic)
  • St. John’s Catholic Church
  • St. Theresa’s Catholic Church


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Postcard: English Soldiers’ Barracks, Rangoon chasingchinthes.com
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