Siege of Arrah

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Siege of Arrah
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 26 July-3 August 1857
Location: Arrah, Bhojpur, Bihar
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 25.559827°N 84.667483°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Rebel Sepoys
Mr Herwald Wake
Major Dunbar
Major Vincent Eyre
Koer Singh
8 Europeans
60 Sikhs of Rattray's Police Battalion
2,000 Sepoys


Kunwar Singh took command of the sepoys who mutinied at Dinapore. Forewarned that they would attack Arrah, the Europeans who remained behind fortified a bungalow where they held out for about ten days. A relief force from Dinapore under Captain Dunbar was ambushed as they approached and forced to retreat with heavy casualties. Ross Mangles and William McDonnell won VCs in the action. It wasn't until 3 August that Major Vincent Eyre dispersed the enemy and raised the siege.

First relief force

Second relief force

160 men of HM 5th Fusiliers and 3 guns
under Major Vincent Eyre

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A History of the Great Revolt By John William Kaye 1864 Siege of Arrah Google Books
A comprehensive history of India by Henry Beveridge 1862 Relief of Arrah Google Books

Recommended Reading

"Indian Mutiny" by Saul David 2002 ISBN 0141005548
"My Indian Mutiny Diary" by WH Russell 1967 ISBN 0527781207

Arrah Location
Survey 1920-1946