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Welcome to the FIBIWIKI from FindMyPast
== What is This? ==
By clicking on the blue wording below, you will be directed to pages on which you should find the answer to your question.
*bulletAbbreviation[[Abbreviations]]*[[British/EIC Ranks]]*[[Regiments]]*[[Occupations]]*[[Presidencies]]*[[Railways]]
If you should be unsuccessful, please contact the FIBIS Webmaster and we shall try to find the answer for you. OR please feel free to edit the FibiWiki and insert the information if you find it elsewhere.
BEWARE 2. Some of the handwritten records may be difficult to interpret by those chosen to transcribe. Them. If you are unable to find a proper interpretation, please contact FIBIS Webmaster.
[[Category:Welcome to the FIBIWIKI from FindMyPast]]

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