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Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway

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The '''Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway'''(DKR) Company was formed in 1889. The broad gauge([[Rail_gauge#Broad_Gauge|BG]]) line ran north from [[Delhi]] via [[Ambala|Umballa]]+(Ambala) +]] to [[Kalka ]] in the Himalayan foothills where it joined there was a connection to the DKR owned [[Kalka-Simla Railway]]. <ref>narrow gauge([[ National Archives "Records of the Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway Company" IOR/L/AG/46/9Rail_gauge#Narrow_Gauge|NG]]; Retrieved 10 Dec 2015) line that opened in 1903 <ref name=name/ref><ref>[ #page/n68/mode/1up " Administration Report on the Railways in India – corrected up to 31st March 1918"; Superintendent of Government Printing, Calcutta; page 6960]; Retrieved 17 24 Dec 20152017</ref>The line was worked by the [[East Indian Railway]](EIR) and taken over by the Government of India([[Government of India |GoI]]) in 1925.
The DKR Company signed a contact in 1898 with GoI for Construction of the construction and working of a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge161 mile([[Rail_gauge#Narrow_Gauge|NG]]243km) stated in May 1889 and opened in March 1891. The BG line from was initially worked by the [[KalkaEast Indian Railway]] to (EIR) <ref name=Admin>[[Simla]]https://archive. The line was opened to traffic in 1903 and as a result of high capital cost and high maintenance cost org/stream/BombayBarodaAndCentralIndiaRailwaySystem/Bombay_Baroda_And_Central_India_Railway_System#page/n68/mode/1up " Administration Report on the Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway Company was by 1904 Railways in severe financial crisis. The Kalka-Simla Railway was purchased by GoI in January 1906. The line was later converted India – corrected up to 2ft 6in31st March 1918"; Superintendent of Government Printing, Calcutta; page 60]; Retrieved 14 Jun 2020</762mm narrow gaugeref>.
The [[Thanesar-Kaithal Railway|'''Thanesar-Kaithal Branch''' - ''see separate page'']] ran from Kurukshetra on the DKR, 30 miles(48km), opened in Dec 1910 <ref name=Admin/>.
+NoteTaken over by the [[Government of India ]]([[Government of India |GoI]]) in 1925 <ref name=GovUK>[http: // IOR "Records of the Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway Company" IOR/L/AG/46/9"]; Retrieved 14 Jun 2020</ref> and the working transferred to the [[North Western Railway]](NWR) on 1 Apr 1926 <ref>[ US Archive .org pdf download of ‘History Of Indian Railways, constructed and in progress’, 31 March 1937 by ‘The Government of India – Railway Department’ page 151 pdf 190]; Retrieved 14 Jun 2020</ref>.
'''Umballa''' ''is used in this text as it was the name of the Railway Company.''
'''Note'''<br>+ '''Umballa''' ''is used in this text as it was the name of the Railway Company.''<br>+ '''Amballa''' ''and'' '''Ambala''' ''are also recorded in different documents as various spellings .''  ''None of these three place names appear in the [[Gazetteers#Imperial_Gazetteer_of_India|The Imperial Gazetteer of India]] 1908 which is normally taken to be the definitive source''
An on-line search of the IOR records relating to this railway
<refname=name>[ British Library “British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue” - Search]; Retrieved 20 Jan 2016</ref> gives 23 references. The most important being:-
*'''L/F/8/13/945/1 ''' “Delhi Umballa Kalka Railway Company Limited, Contract for the construction of the Delhi Umballa Kalka Railway; 1889”
*'''L/AG/46/9''' “Records of the Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway Company; 1898-1907”
*'''L/AG/46/29 ''' “Records of the India Office relating to the Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway; 1889-1926”
==Personnel Records==
There are no Personnel Records held in the IOR
There are limited references in other documents:-
*[[Alexander Izat]] joined the Board of the Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway(DKR) Company in 1902, and also the [[Kalka-Simla Railway]] Company. This in addition to being a Director of the [[Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway]](R&KR) from 1883. He retired from India in 1904 <ref>[ Grace's Guide "Alexander Izat"]; Retrieved on 7 Jul 2016</ref>.
*[[Robert Atwell Way]], Executive Engineer from the [[Public Works Department]] - [[State Railways]] as 'on loan to the Delhi-Amballa-Kalka Company in 1889' <ref> [ Google Books " India List and India Office List, 1905" page 642 (pdf page 605 )] Retrieved on 18 Jul 2016</ref>; this is confirmed by the 1890 Civil List <ref> “India Civil List” 1890, page 41</ref>.
*[[Herbert Septimus Harington]] was Chief Engineer of the DKR and also the [[Kalka-Simla Railway]] from about 1904 to 1908 <ref name=Grace>[ ‘Grace’s Guide/Inst of Mechanical Engineers Obituary 1914’ “'Herbert Septimus Harington” ] Retrieved on 21 Nov 2018</ref>.
==External Links==
*[ Delhi-Kalka Line"] Wikipedia
==Further Information==
See [[East_Indian_Railway_-_Lines_owned_and_worked#BG_Lines_absorbed_into_EIR|'''East Indian Railway BG Lines Worked''']] up to 1925
<br>and [[North_Western_Railway_-_Lines_operated_and_worked#Lines_worked_by_NWR_at_some_time|'''North Western Railways Lines Worked''']] from 1926
== References ==
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