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Maritime Service

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Historical books online
**[ HEIC practices c 1791], page 41
**[ "Chapter II"], page 59 The author joined in 1792 the Honorable East India Company, and shortly after "the country service in a merchant ship".
*[''Narrative of a Late Steam Voyage from England to India via the Mediteranean. (Part II. Account of a Late Palankeen Trip from Bombay to Mhow and Lahore)''] by Captain T Seymour Burt 1840. British Library Digital Collection. The voyage took place from October 1837. via Suez.
*''Volume I, Part II The Bengal and Agra Annual Guide and Gazetteer for 1842'' Google Books
**[ "Vessels attached to the Bengal Presidency"], page 21. Includes Steam Vessels, and Iron Steam Vessels appropriated to Inland Navigation, the latter consisting of Steamers, Accomodation Boats and Cargo Boats.

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