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Maritime Service

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Historical books online
*[ ''On the preservation of the health of seamen, especially of those frequenting Calcutta and the other Indian ports''] by Norman Chevers MD, Surgeon, Bengal Army 1864 Google Books
*[ ''Practical sailing directions and coasting guide from the Sand Heads to Rangoon, Maulmain, Akyab, and vice versa. To which is added, Directions for the entire Bay of Bengal and Straits of Malacca''] by N Heckford Sixth Edition, Enlarged and Improved 1871 Google Books
*[ ''A Handbook of Directions to the Ports in the Presidency of Madras and Ceylon''] by T. E. Marshall, First Assistant Master Attendant, Madras. 1874. British Library Digital Collection.
:[ ''A Handbook to the Ports on the Coast of India between Calcutta and Bombay, including the Island of Ceylon''] by Herbert Samuel Brown, Lieutenant, R.N.R., Port and Customs Officer, Mangalore. 1897. British Library Digital Collection.
*[ ''The Old 'Country Trade' of the East Indies''] by William Herbert Coates, Comm. R N R (retired) 1911
*[ ''The Old East Indiamen''] by E. Keble Chatterton, 1914

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