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This page is a part of Newspapers and journals online

There are three subscription sites which contain online newspapers, journals, directories etc, published in India

The access is restricted to Library Card holders of participating libraries, including the following National Libraries (noting there is generally a residential requirement): Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, State Library of NSW, and many University Libraries. At least one site, ECCO may also be accessed from the British Library Reading Rooms.

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

A part of Gale Digital Collections.

  • A List of the Company's civil servants, at their settlements in the East-Indies, the island St. Helena, and China. 1790, 1799. HEIC lists of senior and junior merchants, factors, and writers.
  • Bengal calendar. 1787, 1789.
  • Bengal calendar & register. 1790.
  • Bengal kalendar and almanack. 1792.
  • Bengal kalendar and register. 1795, 1800.
  • Bengal or East-India calendar. 1795. Includes details for Madras, Bombay etc.
  • Bengal register, containing lists of the Hon. Company's civil and military establishments, under the Presidency of Fort William. 1787. HEIC employees in Bengal, including surgeons.
  • Calcutta monthly register. Vol 1, November 1790.
  • East India kalendar; or, Asiatic register for Bengal, Madras, Bombay, Fort Marlborough, China, and St. Helena. 1791, 1797.
  • Oriental magazine; or, Calcutta amusement. 1785.

Eighteenth Century Journals, Newspapers and Periodicals c 1685-1815

A part of Adam Matthew Digital.

Published in Calcutta

  • Asiatic Mirror, and Commercial Advertiser. 276 (22 May 1793), 284 (17 July 1793), 296 (9 October 1793), 526 (7 March 1798).
  • Calcutta Chronicle; and General Advertiser. 1787-1790.
  • Calcutta Friday Morning Post and General Advertiser. 1793.
  • Calcutta Gazette; or, Oriental Advertiser, / Calcutta Gazette. 1784-1794.
  • Calcutta Morning Post Extraordinary. 1793.
  • Hicky's Bengal Gazette; or, Calcutta General Advertiser. 1780-1782.
  • India Gazette, or, Calcutta Public Advertiser. 1780-1785 (incomplete), 1793.
  • World. 1794.

Published in Madras

  • Hircarrah. 1794.
  • Madras Courier. 1790-1792.
  • Madras Gazette. 1788, 1809.
  • The Phoenix. 1797.

Published in Bombay

  • Bombay Courier. 1793-1817 (incomplete).
  • Bombay Gazette. 1792, 1813-1814.

19th Century UK Periodicals

A part of Gale Digital Collections.

Published in Calcutta

  • Bengal Catholic Expositor, continued as Catholic Herald, continued as Bengal Catholic Herald. 1839-41/March-Dec 1841/1842-64.
  • Calcutta Review. 1844-1900.
  • The Friend of India / The Friend of India and Statesman / Statesman and Friend of India / The Friend of India and Statesman. 1835-76/1877-83/1885-94/1894-1900
  • Gleanings in Science /Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 1829-31/1832-1900.
  • Oriental Observer / Oriental Literary Observer / Oriental Observer / Oriental Observer and Literary Chronicle. 1827-31/ May-Dec 1831/1832-33/1837-39.
  • Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. (Asiatick Researchers' Society of History, Antiquities, Arts, Sciences and Literature of Asia in Bengal, Calcutta, India) 1800-1839.

Published in Madras

  • Madras Journal of Literature and Science. 1833-94.