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Presidency: Bombay
Coordinates: 19.200315°N 72.984553°E
Present Day Details
Place Name: Thane, Salsette Island
State/Province: Maharashtra
Country: India
Transport links
Great Indian Peninsula Railway

Waterway: on the estuary of the River Thana at the northern end of the Bombay Harbour inlet.

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A fortress town on the island of Salsette, 21 miles north of Bombay, Thana was a commuter town for the British, set in wooded countryside. It was the headquarters of Thana District in Bombay Presidency during the British period.


Spelling Variants

Modern name: Thane
Variants: Thana/Tanne


Under a treaty the town was made over to the Portuguese in 1533, and Thana became prosperous. Possession was lost in 1739 when the Portuguese lost Bassein. During the 1st Maratha Warunder threat of Portuguese repossession of Salsette and Bassein and after failed negotiation with Maratha forces in Poona, the Annexation of Thana by the British 28 December 1771 was achieved by force in under the command of General Robert Gordon. Later the fort (built 1737) garrisoned (1813) by a battalion of sepoys and the European Artillery from Bombay, was used as a jail (1913).


  • Bairāmjī High School 1880
  • English School for Girls
  • English Middle school for boys 1821 AKA ‘Thane English School’
  • St. John The Baptist School, Thane, was primarily intended for the teaching of Portuguese an did so up until 1905 before Enlish was taught.


  • A Igreja da Se, Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, circa 1540 (Franciscan cathedral)
  • The Mother of God, A madre de Deus, 1552 (and about the same time an orphanage and a collage were founded).
  • Our Lady of Grace, Nossa Senhora do Rozario 1574 (Augustinians church and convent)
  • St. John, Sam, Joao church 1609,
  • St. John the Baptist Church 1663
  • St. James Church 1825 also known as the English church
  • Jewish:Gate Of Heaven Synagogue 1879


The Bombay (Boribunder) to Thana section of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR) opened 16th April, 1853 and was the first railway to open in India.

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