Vellore Mutiny

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Vellore Mutiny
Part of Vellore Mutiny
Date: 10 July 1806
Location: Vellore, Tamil Nadu
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 12.91177°N 79.136627°E
Result: Mutiny suppressed
East India Company Madras native Infantry
General Robert Rollo Gillespie
Lord William Bentinck
European garrison:
Four coys HM 69th Regiment of Foot
Relief force: HM 19th Light Dragoons
Native garrison:
1st Btn 1st MNI
2nd Btn 1st Btn MNI
2nd Btn 23rd MNI
Col Fancourt & 14 officers
99 NCOs and privates
15 others died of wounds
350 rebels killed
350 rebels wounded
600 imprisoned
500 fugitives

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Historical books online

  • "Mutiny at Vellore", page 430 Rise and Progress of the British Power in India, Volume 2‬ by Peter Auber published in 1837. Google Books.
  • "Vellore Mutiny" page 157 The Nineteenth and Their Times : being an Account of the Four Cavalry Regiments in the British Army that have borne the number Nineteen and of the Campaigns in which they served by Colonel John Biddulph 1899