Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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Withdrawal from Afghanistan
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The process of Withdrawal from Afghanistan began paradoxically with two armies advancing on Kabul. General Elphinstone's army had been destroyed in the disastrous Retreat from Kabul in January 1842 and Shah Shujah, who had been restored to the throne by the British, had been murdered. General Nott had occupied Kandahar for the previous two years. General Pollock forced the Khyber Pass in April 1842 to join with General Sale who had been besieged at Jalalabad. Lord Ellenborough, who succeeded Lord Auckland as Governor-General, was in favour of withdrawal of the troops but there was strong public opinion that the humiliations should be avenged before the British left. He therefore gave the generals discretion to withdraw via Kabul.

General Pollock left Jalalabad on 20 August 1942, beat the enemy at Mamoo Khail, Jugdulluk Crest and Tezeen, and reached Kabul on 17 September. This has been described in detail in the article The Army of Retribution March to Kabul.

General Nott also left Kandahar on 9 August, fought actions at Mookoor and Ghoaine, occupied Ghazni, gained two more victories at Benee Budam and Maidan, and arrived at Kabul on 17 September. General England left Kandahar on 10 August and arrived in Quetta on 20 August - see article England's March to Quetta.

The British occupied Kabul until 12 October - see article Occupation of Kabul Sept 1842.

After destroying the Grand Bazaar the combined armies marched back to Peshawar - see article The Final Exit.

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