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Mutiny at Meean Meer

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|partof=[[:Category:Indian Mutiny|Indian Mutiny]]
|date=13 May and 30 July 1857
|location=Mian Mir, [[Lahore]], Punjab
|presidency=[[Bengal (Presidency)|Bengal]]
|co-ordinates=[,74.35&z=11&t=h&hl=en 31.560004°N 74.35°E]
|strength1= [[81st Regiment of Foot|HM 81st Regiment]] (300 men)<br>Two troops of Horse Artillery (12 guns)
|strength2= [[16th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry|16th Bengal Native Infantry]]<br>[[16th 26th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry|26th Bengal Native Infantry]]<br>[[49th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry|49th Bengal Native Infantry]]<br>[[8th Bengal Light Cavalry|8th Light Cavalry]]<br>Total 3,500 men
'''The regiments were disarmed on 13 May 1857 at Meean Meer. On 30 July Major Spencer was murdered and the [[26th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry|26th Native Infantry ]] fled south to the River Ravi. The next day they were annihilated at the [[Massacre of at Ajnala]].'''
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