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Mohmand Expedition 1854

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[[Category:North West Frontier Campaigns 1849-1908|Mohmand Expedition 1854]]{{Battles_InfoboxWar|partofname=[[:Category:North West Frontier Campaigns 1849-1908Mohmand Expedition |North West Frontier Campaigns 1849-1908]]|datedates=August 1854|image= |location= [ Mohmand Agency, NWF]|presidency=[[Bengal]] |co-ordinates= [,71.450706&z=13&t=h&hl=en approx 34.182116°N 71.450706°E] |result= Submission of tribesmen|territory=|combatant1=[[East India Company]] |combatant2=[ Mohmand tribesmen]|commander1result=[ Col Sydney John Cotton]<br>Submission of tribe |commander2medal= |strength1category= [[:Category:North West Frontier Campaigns |strength2= |casualties1= |casualties2= Mohmand Expedition 1854]]}}
[[Image:Mohmandmap.jpg|thumb|Mohmand Territory 1909]]
== Campaign Actions ==
[[Rahim Dad's Cattle]]
== Mohmand Field Force ==
''Set out from 'Michnee (Michni)Column'''<br>''Commanded by [ Col Sydney John Cotton]''
*Mountain Train Battery
*[[1st Regiment of Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force|1st Sikh Infantry]]
*Detachment* of Two Coys [[22nd Regiment of Foot|22nd Foot]]*Detachment of One Troop [[10th Bengal Light Cavalry|10th Light Cavalry]]
*2nd Coy [[Bengal Sappers and Miners|Sappers & Miners]]<br>
'''Peshawar Column'''<br>
''Commanded by [ Maj Crawford Trotter Chamberlain]''
*1st Troop 3rd Brigade Horse Artillery (2 guns)
*2nd Coy 2nd Btn Artillery (two 24-pr howitzers)
*One Squadron, [[1st Irregular Cavalry]]
*Three Coys [[1st Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry|1st Native Infantry]]
== External Links ==
[ North West Frontier Military History] Wikipedia<br>
[ NWF Expeditions]<br>
[,M1 Record of Actionpage/432/mode/2up Mohmand Expedition 1854] Google 
==== Historical Books on-line ====
[ Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India - Mohmand Tribe]
[[Category:North West Frontier Campaigns|Mohmand Expedition 1854]]
[[Category:Mohmand Expedition 1854| Mohmand Expedition 1854]]

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