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Battle of Prome 1852

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[[Category:Battles|Prome 1852, Battle of]]
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== Prome Field Force ==
''Commanded by Maj-Gen Henry Godwin CB''<br>
*[[18th Regiment of Foot|18th Foot (The Royal Irish)]]
*[[80th Regiment of Foot|80th Foot]]
*[[35th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry|35th Native Infantry]]
*119 Sappers
*[[Madras Artillery]]
:*Two howitzers
:*Four 9-pounders
== External Links ==
[ Anglo-Burmese Wars] ''Wikipedia''<br>[ 2nd Burma War] ''Wikipedia''<br>[,M1 Capture of Prome] Google Books - Capture  [[Category:Battles|Prome 1852, Battle of Prome]]
[[Category:2nd Burma War 1852-53|Prome 1852, Battle of]]

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