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First Relief of Azimgurh

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|partof=[[Indian Mutiny]]
|date=6 April 1858 |location=[ Azamgarh[Azimguhr]], Uttar Pradesh]
|co-ordinates=[,83.184521&z=14&t=h&hl=en 26.046592°N 83.184521°E]
|result=British victory
|combatant1=[[East India Company]]
|combatant2=Rebel Sepoys
|commander1=Lord Mark Kerr|commander2= [ Kunwar Singh]
== Summary ==
Col Lord Mark Kerr marched from Benares to relieve Azimgurh which was surrounded by Koer Singh's forces. Although he defeated one rebel force his column was too small to lift the siege.
== Col Lord Mark Kerr's Field Force ==
466 fighting men
*[[13th Regiment of Foot|HM 13th Regiment]] (391 men)
*[[2nd Dragoon Guards|Queen's Bays]] (57 men)
*[[Royal Artillery]] two 6-pounder guns & two 5.5 inch mortars (18 men)
== External Links ==
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== Recommended Reading ==
''"Indian Mutiny"'' by D Saul David 2002 ISBN 0141005548<br>
''"My Indian Mutiny Diary"'' by WH Russell 1967 ISBN 0527781207
[[Image:Azamgarhmap.jpg|thumb|Azamgarh Location<br>Survey 1920-1946]]
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