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Battle of Belwar Fort

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[[Category:Battles|Belwar Fort, Battle of]]
|partof=[[:Category:Indian Mutiny|Indian Mutiny]]
|date=2-5 March 1858
|location=Bilwa, near Gorakhpur[ Faizabad], Uttar Pradesh]
|co-ordinates= [,82.328998&z=10&t=h&hl=en approx 26.759863°N 82.328998°E]
|result=British victory
|combatant1=[[East India Company]]
|combatant2=Rebel Sepoys
|commander1=Col Francis Rowcroft
|strength1= 1,000|strength2= 7,000
'''This was one of the events of the [[Trans-Gogra Campaign]]'''
== External Links ==
[ The British Empire - Indian Mutiny 1857-58]British Empire website<br>[ Battle at Belwar] Google Books<br>[,M1 Belwar - Gazetteer 1857] Google Books - Battle <br>[ Naval Brigade at BelwarBelwa]extract of ''Clowes, William Laird: "The Royal Navy: a history from the earliest times to the death of Queen Victoria"''
== Recommended Reading ==
''"Indian Mutiny"'' by D Saul David 2002 ISBN 0141005548<br>
''"My Indian Mutiny Diary"'' by WH Russell 1967 ISBN 0527781207
== Spelling Variants ==Modern name: Not found<br>Variants: Belwar/Belwa<br>[[Category:Battles|Belwar Fort, Battle of]][[Category:Trans-Gogra Campaign|Belwar Fort, Battle of]][[ImageCategory:Gorakhpurmap.jpgPearl's Naval Brigade|thumbBelwar Fort, Battle of]][[Category:Indian Mutiny|Gorakhpur Location<br>Survey 1920-1946Belwar Fort, Battle of]]

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