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Battle of Bogue Forts, Pearl River

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[[Category:Battles|Bogue Fort (Pearl River), Battle of]]
[[Category:1st China War 1839-42|Bogue Fort (Pearl River), Battle of]]
|partof=[http[:// Ist Opium Category:1st China War 1839-42|1st China War1839-42]]
|date=7 January 1841
|location=[ Zhu Jiang, Guangdong, China]
|combatant1=[[East India Company]]
|commander1=Chuenpee Fort: <br>[ Maj J L Thomas Pratt]<br>Tycocktow Fort: <br>[ Capt James Scott RN]
|strength1=Chuenpee Fort:<br>1,500 400 Royal Marines<br>26th Regiment<br>Tycocktow Fort:<br> Naval Bombardment<br>Marines & Small Arms Men
== External Links ==
[ Opium Wars] Wikipedia<br>[ 1st Opium War] Wikipedia <br>[ W.L.Clowes on the Ist Anglo- Opium WarsChinese War]Peter Davis website<br>[,M1 Capture of Bogue Forts] Google Books <br>[ Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India Vol VI - Capture of Attack on the Bogue Forts] [[Image:PearlRivermap.jpg|thumb|Pearl River Map<br>From W.L.Clowes web article]]

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