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Action at Serapeum

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{{Battles_Infobox|partof=[[:Category:Actions in Egypt 1914-15|Actions in Egypt 1914-15]]|date= 3 February 1915|location=Serapeum, Egypt |presidency= not in British India|co-ordinates=[,32.3156&z=13&t=h&hl=en 30.4723°N 32.3156°E] |result=Turks defeated|territory=|combatant1=British and Indians |combatant2=Turks|commander1=Maj-Gen Sir John Maxwell|commander2=Djemal Pasha|strength1= |strength2= |casualties1= |casualties2=1,500 killed}}This event is was part of the [[Actions in Egypt 1914-15]] in the [[First World War]]
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[ First Suez Offensive] Wikipedia<br>[ Turkish attack on the Suez Canal] 
[[Category:Battles|Serapeum, Action at]]
[[Category:Actions in Egypt 1914-15|Serapeum, Action at]]
[[Category:First World War|Serapeum, Action at]]

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