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Siege of Cawnpore June 1857

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== Synopsis ==
On 4 & and 5 June the rank and file of the native regiments broke and fled towards Delhi leaving the native officers and 80 men who remained faithful. Nana Sahib induced the sepoys to return and attack the Europeans at Cawnpore. The siege began on 7 June. Wheeler moved his garrison outside the city to a small entrenchment consisting of a few barrack huts with a low earth rampart. They would have been better able to defend the magazine with its store of arms and ammunition. During the next 3 weeks one barrack hut was burned down and all the artillerymen killed. With food, water and ammunition nearly exhausted, capitulation was the only option for the defenders. They were offered safe conduct to [[Allahabad]] and on 27 June they were conducted to boats waiting at Satichaura Ghat on the Ganges. See [[Cawnpore (Satichaura Ghat)]] for subsequent events.
== Wheeler's Garrison ==

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