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96th Regiment of Foot

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External links
*[ The King's Regiment] Wikipedia
*[ Duke of Lancaster's Regiment] Wikipedia
*[ 96th regiment of Foot] including [ deployments], an archived sitewebsite.*[ Manchester Regiment] including deployments: [ 1st Battalion], [ 2nd Battalion], an archived website*[ Museum of the Manchester Regiment] at Ashton Town Hall, Market Place, Ashton-under-Lyne*[ Manchester Regiment Archives] at the Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre, Central Library, Ashton-under-Lyne
*Details of [ ''History of the Manchester Regiment (63rd and 96th Regiments)'']: Volume 1 (1758-1883) Volume 2 1883-1922 by Col. H. C. Wylly, C.B. Reprint, originally published 1923-1925. Available through from the [ FIBIS Shop]

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