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The [[East India Company ]] maintained a formidable army in each of its three [[Presidencies]]. Although there was a military presence in each Presidency beforehand, the Company established formal armies following the French capture of [[Fort St. George ]] (Madras) during the [[War of Austrian Succession ]] in 1746. These armies grew over the next hundred years until the renowned ‘Indian Mutiny’ ‘[[Indian Mutiny]]’ (1857-59). After the Mutiny, the [[India Act of 1858 ]] of the English parliament, decreed the dissolution of these armies. Its European soldiers were given the option either of transferring to the British Army or of discharge with a bounty and shipment back to Europe. About 50 percent selected each option. The mutinous native regiments were disbanded but those few, who remained loyal to the British, plus loyal [[native irregular units]], formed the basis of the new ‘Indian Army’‘[[Indian Army]]’, which continued until [[Independence ]] in 1947.

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