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79th Carnatic Infantry

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*'''1885''' became 19th Madras Infantry
*'''1903''' became '''79th Carnatic Infantry'''
*'''1922''' became 3rd/[[3rd Madras Regiment]]*'''1922''' disbanded and re-raised as a Territorial Battalion*'''1941''', September converted to a Regular Battalion
*'''1947''' allocated to India on Partition
== Battle Honours ==
*[[Central India Campaign|Central India]] 1857-58
== External Links ==
*[ Madras Regiment] Wikipedia<br>*[ 79th Carnatic Infantry] British Empire website*[ 3rd Battalion The Madras Regiment]*[ Page 53] ''Valour and Sacrifice: Famous Regiments of the Indian Army'' by Gautam Sharma Google Books {{#widget:Google PlusOne|size=small|count=true}}
[[Category:Indian Army Infantry Regiments]]

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