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81st Regiment of Foot

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[ The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1914-1918] from the Long, Long Trail: the British Army of 1914-1918. The 2nd Battalion were in Bangalore in August 1914 and landed at Tanga, German East Africa, with the 27th Indian Brigade 3 November 1914<br>
[ Queen's Lancashire Regiment] Wikipedia<br>
[ The Queen's Lancashire Regiment Infantry Museum], includes the East Lancashire Regiment ( [[30th Regiment of Foot|30th ]] and [[59th Regiment of Foot|59th ]] of Foot), the South Lancashire Regiment ( [[40th Regiment of Foot|40th]] and [[82nd Regiment of Foot|82nd]] of Foot), the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment ( [[47th Regiment of Foot|47th]] and 81st of Foot)
[[Category:British Army Infantry Regiments]]

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