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Sialkot District

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* Section beyond Sialkot to Jammu Tawi
* Sialkot-Narowal Railway
* Punjab District Gazetteers volumeXXIII-A Sialkot 1920, Lahore, 1921. Reprinted as Gazetter of the Sialkot District 1920, Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore, 2005.
== External links ==
===Historical books online===*[ Sialkot District] Imperial Gazetteer*[ ''Gazetteer Of The Sialkot District 1895'']. A volume in the series ''Punjab District Gazetteers''. Pdf download, Digital Library of India.*[ ''Punjab District Gazetteers Sialkot District Vol. 23 Pt.a 1920'']. Pdf download, Digital Library of India.

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