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*[ The 1st Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment in Waziristan 1936/37 Collection] Waziristan And The March to Razmak
*[ Photograph collection: Colonel Les Andrew: Razmak] [[74th Regiment of Foot|2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry]].
*[ Photograph taken at Razmak c 1945-47] "Nobody had seen fit to tell me that the mountains in which the Razmak column operated were at 9,000 feet. Nor did anyone mention the icy wind so what we nowadays call the "wind chill factor" brought the temperature down to well below zero". From [ Walks in Waziristan], now an archived website  ===Historical books online=== *[ "Waziristan District"] by Lieutenant-Colonel B. B. Burke ''Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps'' 1925;44:3 pages 204-207. "Every officer must carry a loaded revolver when travelling on account of the possibility of fanatical attacks".*[ "Notes on a Tour Through Waziristan"] by Major A. D. Stirling ''Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps'' 1927;49:2 pages 143-151.
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