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Maritime Service

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External links
*National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
**[ National Maritime Museum Research Guides]
**[ Maritime Memorials] in respect of ships’ crews’ deaths. Search for entries for India, Burma , Burmah and Myanmar, Ceylon and Sri Lanka, and other countries such as China, Singapore etc. (Entries for Karachi were classified as India).<ref> Some entries are listed in the India List post [ Maritime cemetery entries from National Maritime Museum website]. The correct [ ''Notes and Queries''] reference for the Karachi burials mentioned is either Vol 170/171 1936 or Vol 176 1939.</ref> , or search by name. An associated National Maritime Museum website.
**[ Crew Lists of the British Merchant Navy-1915] National Maritime Museum. The crews originated from all over the world and on some vessels the British nationals were in a minority
*See the Fibiwiki article [[Ireland]] for Irish Crew Lists 1863-1921. Crews could originate from all over the world.
*[ British Maritime History - Realistic genealogical guides to surviving records and more], Len Barnett’s site, has sections on:
:*[ EIC]- A realistic guide to what is available to those looking into the careers of seagoing servants (1600-1834)

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