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Historical books online
|stateprovince= [ Himachal Pradesh]
|country= [ India]
|transport= [[Kangra Valley Railway]]
*[ ''Gazetteers Of Kangra District, Vol. 2 - Kulu, Lahul And Spiti'']. A volume in the series ''Punjab District Gazetteers''., Public Library of India Collection. This volume is also available to download as a pdf file from [[Online books#Pahar-Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset|Pahar-Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset]].
*[ ''Punjab District Gazetteers Kangra District Vol.xa Pt.a 1904'']., Public Library of India Collection.
 *[ ''Tea planting in the outer Himalayah''] by A T McGowan Assist. Surgn. [[52nd Regiment of Foot|52nd Lt. Infty.]] 1860 The author was based at the Fort of Kangra.

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