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East Surrey Regiment

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*[ 1/5th Battalion and 1/6th Battalion] East Surrey Regiment, part of the Territorial Force, were in India most of World War 1, landing at Bombay 2 December 1914. "The Long, Long Trail"
*[ "The "Terriers" of Wimbledon fought for the British Empire"]. The 5th Battalion, East Surrey Regiment. 18th July 2014
*Two letters written by Harry Beaumont, 1/6 East Surrey Regiment, No. 2297, from a collection of letters written by staff at the Audit office for the Great Western Railway (GWR) based at Paddington, London. The National Archives.
:[ Troop ship: ‘five weeks on board’] 29 November 1914, written onboard SS Grantully Castle
:[ India: ‘the time of my life’] May 1915, written from Kuldana, [[Murree]].
*[ Voyage to India: Memoirs of the 1st/3rd Kent Battery 1914] Frank William Critchley was 22 years old and a sergeant in the 1st/3rd Kent Battery, Royal Artillery. He travelled to India on the troopship Grantully Castle which departed Southampton 29 Oct 1914 and arrived Bombay 2 December 1914. One board were: Artillery 450. [[East Surrey Regiment|East Surreys]] 400. [[50th Regiment of Foot|4th Queens]] 800.
*Listen to the [ 1976 interview with Walter Cousins], British private served with 1/5th Battalion, East Surrey Regt in India, 1914-1916; NCO served with 222nd Coy, Machine Gun Corps in India and Afghanistan, 1916-1920. Imperial War Museums

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