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Royal Indian Engineering College

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The '''Royal Indian Engineering College''' (RIEC) was established at Cooper's Hill, Surrey, England in 1870 to train [[Civil Engineers]] for the Indian [[Public Works Department]]. From 1885 it also encapsulated an Indian [[Forestry]] training school. It closed in 1906when tis work was transferred to India.  The college was colloquially referred to as Cooper's Hill and "ICE College" (ICE being an acronym for Indian Civil Engineering).  After the college moved out in 1906, the buildings stood empty until bought in 1911 by Baroness Cheylesmore for use as a private home. Later, the site is now part became Shoreditch College of Education, a teacher's college specializing in handicraft education, before becoming the Runnymede Campus of Brunel University(until 2007). The site was acquired in 2016 by the Audley Group for conversion into a retirement village, due to open in early 2019.  
==FIBIS Resources==
*[ Entrance requirements c 1872 Indian Civil Engineering College], page 164 ''Index Scholasticus: Sons and daughters. A guide to parents in the choice of educational institutions, preparatory to professional or other occupation of their children'' by R. Kemp Philp 1872
*[ Royal Indian Engineering College] Web page of Shoreditch College displaying various weblinks about the RIEC.
*[ Royal Indian Engineering College] Wikipedia article with, ''inter alia'', list of Presidents (1872-1906) and other academic staff.
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