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Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway

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*[[Alexander Izat]] joined the Board of the Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway(DKR) Company in 1902, and also the [[Kalka-Simla Railway]] Company. This in addition to being a Director of the [[Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway]](R&KR) from 1883. He retired from India in 1904 <ref>[ Grace's Guide "Alexander Izat"]; Retrieved on 7 Jul 2016</ref>.
*[[Robert Atwell Way]], Executive Engineer from the [[Public Works Department]] - [[State Railways]] as 'on loan to the Delhi-Amballa-Kalka Company in 1889' <ref> [ Google Books " India List and India Office List, 1905" page 642 (pdf page 605 )] Retrieved on 18 Jul 2016</ref>; this is confirmed by the 1890 Civil List <ref> “India Civil List” 1890, page 41</ref>.
*[[Herbert Septimus Harington]] was Chief Engineer of the DKR and also the [[Kalka-Simla Railway]] from about 1904 to 1908 <ref name=Grace>[ ‘Grace’s Guide/Inst of Mechanical Engineers Obituary 1914’ “'Herbert Septimus Harington” ] Retrieved on 21 Nov 2018</ref>. 
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