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Novels with an Indian theme

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==External links==
*[ "Studying Anglo-Indian Novels: A Forgotten Genre"] by Ayusman Chakraborty. ''The Golden Line'' A Magazine of English Literature, Bhatter College, Dantan, West Bengal.
*[ "Colonial Discourses: Series Three: Colonial Fiction, 1650-1914"] Contains a bibliography of general works and fiction from India.
===Historical books online===
*[ ''A Survey Of Anglo-Indian Fiction''] by Bhupal Singh 1934. Pdf download, Digital Library of India. [ version, different digital file]
*''Oakfield or Fellowship In the East'' by W D Arnold [William Delafield], Lieut. 58th Regiment, BNI [Bengal Native infantry]. 2nd edition 1854 [ Volume I] [ Volume II] Google Books. [;_or,_Fellowship_in_the_East ''Oakfield or Fellowship In the East''] Wikipedia, which states "The novel is an indictment of the moral standards of the British regiments in India." Originally published (1853) using the pseudonym Punjabee. Volume II is set in the period of the [[2nd Sikh War]].
*[ ''The Dead Man's Gift: a Tea-planter's Romance''] by Herbert Compton (London) 1890. British Library Digital Collection. [ Herbert Eastwick Compton] Wikipedia.
*[ ''The Border of Blades : an Anglo-Indian Romance''] by Captain Bedford Foran 1916 Author is cataloged as William Robert Foran. Set in Peshawar and the North West Frontier. [ W. Robert Foran] Wikipedia. [ W R Foran] ( indicates he was in India with the British Army for a short time in the early 1900s.
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