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102nd Prince of Wales's Own Grenadiers

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British Library holdings
==British Library holdings==
*''Historical record of the Second, or The Prince of Wales’ Own Grenadier Regiment, Bombay Native Infantry'' compiled by Stanley Edwardes. 1878 . Available at the [[British Library]] UIN: BLL01007253768 . "Compiled partly from the Record book and other documents in the possession of the regiment, and partly from diaries and memoirs of officers." *''2nd Battalion, 4th Bombay Grenadiers, King Edward’s Own, formerly the 102nd King Edward’s Own Grenadiers. Historical record of the regiment, 1796-1933''. New edition by Major J. T. Gorman 1933. Available at the BL UIN: BLL01001795364*''The Grenadiers : a Tradition of Valour'' by Col. R.D. Palsokar. Jabalpur : Grenadiers Regimental Centre, [1980]. Available at the BL UIN: BLL01011840970. For more details see [[4th Bombay Grenadiers]].
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