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First World War

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*''True Stories of the Great War. Tales of Adventure-Heroic Deeds-Exploits Told by the Soldiers, Officers, Nurses, Diplomats, Eye Witnesses''. Edited by Francis Trevelyan Miller 1917. In six volumes: [ Volume I], [ Vol. II], [ Vol. III], [ Vol. IV], [ Vol. V], [ Vol. VI]. All
*[ ''Many Fronts''] by Lewis R Freeman 1918. Stories and sketches which originally had appeared in several magazines. [ Lewis R. Freeman] Wikipedia. The author was a war correspondent 1915-1917.
*[ ''An English Wife in Berlin: a private memoir of events, politics, and daily life in Germany throughout the war and the social revolution of 1918''] by Evelyn, Princess Blücher 1920
*[ ''The War Diary of a Square Peg. With a Dictionary of War Words''] by Maximilian A Mügge. 1920 A British citizen of the group subsequently called in the newspapers "enemy alien Britons", he volunteered for the Army, hoping for his language skills to be utilised but was initially appointed as a Private in an Infantry regiment. However, as an enemy alien Briton, he was soon transferred to a non-combatant corps (N C C) where conscientious objectors were usually sent, with which he served in France for a few months, where NCCs were not well regarded. He was soon transferred again to an Infantry Works Battalion in England which he calls “a political concentration camp” where the majority of the men were conscripts of enemy alien parentage, in spite of being British born, or naturalised citizens. He details the situation of these enemy alien Britons - most suffered discrimination.
*[ ''From Private to Field-Marshal''] by Field-Marshal Sir William Robertson 1921 He held many senior positions during the War, including Chief of the Imperial General Staff.

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