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NWR Commercial Section: minor corrections
*‘Lodhran to Rohri section’, 225 miles(362km), opened 1878 by [[Indus Valley State Railway]](IVSR), which became NWR 1886, via [[Samasata]] (with an interchange to the ‘[[Southern Punjab Railway]])
**’Sukkur Bandar Branch Line’, 1.5 miles(2.4km), a branch from [[Sukkur]] on the ‘[[Lahore-Karachi Mainline]]’ to Sukkur Bandar, opened by IVSR in 1878
* [[Kotri-Rohri Railway|’Rohri‘Rohri-Kotri Section’]], 189 miles(304km), from [[Rohri]] via [[Hyderabad]] and Rahoki Junction to [[Kotri]] was completed in 1900 with the opening of the [[Kotri Bridge]] over the river Indus. This making the former mainline ''(see below)'', which had opened in 1886 into the ‘[[Kotri-Rohri Railway|‘Kotri-Rohri (via Ruk) Branch Line]]’ * [[Kotri-Rohri Railway|’Rohri‘Rohri-Kotri (via Ruk) Branch Line]]’ from [[Sukkur]] via Ruk Junction, Larkhana and Sehwan to [[Kotri]], completed in 1878. This line was formerly the mainline until the opening of the [[Kotri Bridge]] in 1900 to complete the NWR Mainline [[Kotri-Rohri Railway|’Rohri‘Rohri-Kotri Section’]] ''(see above)''
**‘Phulji Branch Line’, 3 miles(5km), from Phulji to Puranadera, opened as a branch to the ’Kotri-Rohri (via Ruk) Section’ opened by SP&DR in 1882; with short extension by NWR, 1902
* [[Karachi-Kotri (Indus River) Railway|’Kotri to Karach Section]]’, 108 miles(174km), was completed in 1861 by [[Scinde Railway]], which became SP&DR 1870 and NWR 1886

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