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NWR Frontier (Military) Section
** ‘Bhaganwala Branch Line’, 11 miles(18km) from Haranpur to Bhaganwala, opened 1895
** ‘Warcha Quarry Branch Line’, 8 miles(13km) from Gunjyal to Warcha, opened 1918
** ‘[[Dandot Light Railway|’Dandot Branch Line’Line]], 8.5 miles(13.6km) from Chalisa Junction via Khewra Salt Mines to Dandot, opened 1888 as a metre gauge([[Rail_gauge_#Metre_Gauge|MG]]) line; converted to BG 1887-89
** ‘Kundian-Campbellpur Section’, 119 miles(191km) from Kundian via Daud Khel to Jand opened 1892-99; Jald to Basal opened 1881 and extended to Campbellpur 1899
** ‘Mari Branch Line’, 6.2 miles(10km), opened 1892 from Daud Khel to Mari

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