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Ludhiana spelling corrected
===[[Ghaziabad-Lahore Railway |Ghaziabad- Lahore Mainline]]===
*[[Ghaziabad-Lahore Railway|‘Ghaziabad to Lahore Section’]], 339 miles(546km), was part of the [[Scinde, Punjaub & Delhi Railway]]( SP&DR) until amalgamation into NWR in 1886,. The line had been constructed in stages from [[Lahore]] to [[Amritsar]] in 1862 and via [[Jullunder]], [[LudianaLudhiana]], [[Ambala]], and [[Meerut]] to [[Ghaziabad]] completed by 1870.
**[[Amritsar-Pathankot Railway| ‘Pathankot Branch Line’]], 67 miles(107km), a branch from [[Amritsar]] via Dinanager to [[Pathankot]], opened 1884 by SP&DR, became NWR from 1886.
===[[Lahore & Peshawar Railway|Lahore-Peshawar Mainline]]===
*[[Lahore & Peshawar Railway| ‘Lahore to Peshawar Section’]], 288 miles (463km), was the [[Punjab Northern State Railway]] until amalgamation into NWR in 1886. The first section from [[Lahore]] to [[Jhelum]], opened 1873 as metre gauge([[Rail_gauge_#Metre_Gauge|MG]]) and converted to BG, 1878; from [[Jhelum]] via [[Rawalpindi]] the onward connection to [[Peshawar]], was made in 1883 with the completion comple spelling correctedtion of the [[Attock Bridge]] over the river Indus.
**‘Tawi Branch Line’, was completed in 1890. The 26 miles(42km) from [[Wazirabad]] (a town on the [[Lahore & Peshawar Railway| ‘Lahore to Peshawar Section’]], to [[Sialkot]], opened 1884 by PNSR . Extended by NWR in 1890 by 9 miles(14km) to the ‘Frontier of Kashmir State’ where the [[Jammu and Kashmir Railway]] continued the railway a further 16 miles(26km) to the ‘Left Bank of the Tawi River near [[Jammu]]’. The 25 mile(40km)section is in some records referred to as the [[Jammu-Sialkot Railway]]. The complete line from [[Wazirabad]] to [[Jammu]], a total of 51 miles(82km) was part of the NWR network until partition when the line was severed.

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