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Lines worked by NWR at some time: 1926 'Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway' and 'Thanesar-Kaithal Railway' added
* ‘[[Larkana-Jacobabad (Sind) Light Railway]]’, NG, Private Co., opened 1921, worked by NWR
* ‘[[Khyber Railway]], opened 1925 as a BG line strategic line from India to Afganistan via Khyber Pass; worked by NWR
* ‘[[Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway]]’, formed 1889 as private company, [[Delhi]] to [[Kalka]], line opened 1891, 162 miles(259km), worked and maintained by [[East Indian Railway]](EIR). Page 60 (pdf68) Until 1925, then by [[North Western Railway]](NWR).
** ‘[[Thanesar-Kaithal Railway]]’, a branch line of the [[Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway]], opened 1909-10, 30 miles(48km) branch from Kurukshetra to Kathal, worked and maintained by EIR up to 1925,Page 60 (pdf68). Then by [[North Western Railway]] from 1926.
* ‘[[Shahdara-Narowal Railway]]’, BG, opened 1926 as further extension of NWR from [[Narowal]] to Shahdara.
*[[Bahawalnagar-Fort Abbas Railway]]’, BG, 70 miles(112km), opened 1928. A Durbar line financed by princely state of [[Bahawalpur]]; worked by NWR

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