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Nilgiri Hills

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Historical books online
*[ ''Letters on the Climate, Inhabitants, Productions, &c., &c., of the Neilgherries, or, Blue Mountains of Coimbatoor, South India''] by James Hough 1829 Google Books
*[ ''Observations on the Neilgherries''] by Robert Baikie MD 1834 Google Books
*[ ''Goa, and the Blue Mountains; or, Six months of sick leave''] by Richard F Burton, Lieut. Bombay Army 1851
*[ ''The Neilgherries: including an account of their topography, climate, soil and productions; and of the effects of the climate on the European constitution''] by Robert Baikie MD 1857 2nd edition, updated.
*[ "Statistical Memoir of a Survey of the Neilgherry Mountains"] Papers put in by Captain John Ouchterlony, Appendix No. 5, ''Report from Committees: Colonisation and Settlement (India)'' Third Volume, Part II. (also called Vol. VII-Part II) Session 3 December 1857-2 August 1858 [British Parliamentary Papers] Google Books.

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