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NWR Branch Lines
* ‘[[Delhi-Ambala-Kalka Mainline]]’, 102 miles(164km) opened 1891 by the [[Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway| ‘Delhi-Umballa-Kalka Railway Company’]] , from Delhi via Ambala(Umballa) to Kalka. Purchased by Government in 1926 and transferred to NWR.
===NWR Branch Lines===
* ‘Kotri-Dudu-Ruk Branch Line’, 210 miles(338km), opened 1878 from Kotri via Laki and Radhan to Ruk. This was original [[Kotri-Rohri Railway| ‘Kotri-Rohri Railway’ ]] - ''see separate page for details ''
* ‘Hyderabad-Badin Branch Line’, 62 miles(100km), opened 1904 from Hyderabad to Badin; dismantled during WW1 and reopened 1922
* ‘Sind Left Bank Feeder Railways’:-

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