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Battle of Rymow

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Location & coordinates. External link
|date=28 November -5 December 1850
|location= Rymow, [,_Rangareddi_district Moinabad], Andra Pradesh
|co-ordinates=[,7778.742063274666&z=814&t=h&hl=en approx 17.317136°N 773268°N 78.742063°E274666°E]|result=Capture of fortFort recaptured
|combatant1=Hyderabad Contingent
|combatant2=[ Rohillas] & Arabs
|commander1=[ Brigadier William Beatson]
Rymow Fort was previously captured from Rohillas in July 1848. by Brigadier Beatson.
== Brigadier William Beatson ==
William Ferguson Beatson (1804–1872) was commander of the Nizam of Hyderabad's cavalry which was part of the Hyderabad Contingent consisting of 9,000 cavalry and 6,000 infantry under British officers []. He was responsible for the suppression of rebellions by Rohilla & Arab insurgents.
== External Links ==
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