Bengal Dooars Railway

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Bengal Dooars Railway
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Line of route
Lalmanir Hat towards Bhutan
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge 153 miles (1905)
158 miles (1922)
1891 Company formed
1941 Merged into Eastern Bengal Railway
Key locations
Presidency Bengal
Stations Lalmanir Hat
System agency
Company owned and worked
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The Bengal-Dooars Railway (BDR) was a company owned and operated collection of small metre gauge lines that ran from its junction with the Eastern Bengal Railway north west towards the Bhutan border.

Confusingly, the later lines are listed separately as the Bengal Dooars Extensions Railway in railway statistics, although they form an integral part of its system; these being State funded extensions and passed to BDR on completion


The Company was formed in the UK in 1891 and the main contract signed in the same year. The longest line ran from Lalmanir Hat in Rangpur District north west through Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri Districts to the Western Dooars on the borders of Bhutan. The line's headquarters were at Domohani.

The undertaking was amalgamated with the Eastern Bengal State Railway in January 1941.

Branch Lines

Lataguri Junction to Ramsai (6 miles) - opened 11 June 1893; this served a remote tea garden at Ramsai (362 miles).

Mal Junction to Chalsa (5 miles)- opened 1 April 1901; Chalsa to Chengmari (14 miles) - opened 1 January 1903; Chengmari to Dalgaon (16 miles) - opened 23 March 1903 Dalgaon to Madari Hat (9 miles) -opened 14 June 1903.

Chalsa Junction to Metelli (5 miles) - opened 10 June 1918.

Tista Junction to Kurigram - opened 6 February 1882 This line is a remnant of the Kaunia Dharle Railway, the most part of which was converted to metre gauge and incorporated in the main Assam line.

An extension to BDR opened 1891-92

Link between BDR and Cooch Behar Railway; opened c.1900

Associate Lines

Constructed c.1885 by East Bengal Railway(EBR) as Narrow Gauge Tram. Converted to Medium Gauge, 1901 with part to EBR's Gauhati Branch Railway; part to Kurigram Branch Railway mentioned above.