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Freemasons Hall, Quetta

List of Masonic Lodges in India 1860

Lodges with the * prefixed have Chapters attached.

Freemason Bombay Lodge
80 Star in the East, Calcutta, Bengal.
94 Stewards', Freemasons' Hall, Madras.
126* Industry & Perseverance,Calcutta, Bengal.
175* Perfect Unanimity, Madras.
242 Rising Sun, Fort Marlborough.
265 True Friendship, Calcutta, Bengal.
279 Humility with Fortitude, Fort William, Calcutta.
282 Marine, Calcutta, Bengal.
284 Anchor and Hope, Calcutta, Bengal.
293 Neptune, Prince of Wales's Island.
825* Rock, Trichinopoly, Madras.
826* Social Friendship, Madras.
840* Universal Charity, Madras.
480 Benevolent, Bombay.
532 Hope, Ahmednugger, Bombay.
646* Perseverance, Bombay.
650 Independence with Philanthropy, Bengal.
551* Courage with Humanity, Calcutta, Bengal.
596* Hope, Meerut, Bengal. 2d Friday.
698 Orion in the West, Bombay Artillery, Bombay.
609 True Brothers, Dinapore, Bengal. 1st & 3d Weds.
619 Oriental Star, Cannanore, Malabar.
622 Neilghcrry, Ootacamund, Madras.
628* St. John's, Secunderabad, Madras.
634 Social & Military Virtues.Madras.
636 Universal Charity, Madras.
636 Honour & Humanity, Madras.
637 Military & Social Friendship, Madras.
638 Taprobane, Madras.
689 Corinthian, Madras.
641* Harmony, Cawnpore, Bengal.
664 Doric, Kamptee, Madras.
665 St. John's, Kandy, Ceylon.
673* Himalayan Brotherhood,Simla, Bengal.
684 Goodwill, Bellary, Madras.
685 Armenia, Madras.
710 Bangalore Cantonment, Bangalore, Madras.
715 St. John's, Calcutta. 2d & 4th Fridays.
718 St. Helena, St. Helena.
784 St. Andrew's, Kamptee, Madras.
740 Kilwinning in the East, Calcutta, Bengal.
748* Zetland in the East, Singapore. Last Monday.
761* Star of Hope, Agra, Bengal. First Wednesday.
794 Philanthropy, Maulmain. 1st & 3d Weds.
807 St. George's, Bombay.
810 Morning Star, Lucknow, Bengal. 2d & 4th Weds.
828* Charity, Umballa, Bengal.
831* Pilgrims of Light, Mount-road, near Madras. 4th Saturday.
846 Neptune,Georgetown, Prince of Wales's Island. 3d Thursday.
852* Kyber, Peshawur, Bengal.
897 Star of Burmah, Rangoon, Bengal. 1st & 3d Thursdays.
906 Jullunder, Jullunder, Bengal. 1st Wednesday.
922* Dalhousie of Mussoorie and Deyrah, Mussoorie, Bengal. 2d & 4th Tuesdays.
925 Fidelity, Darjeeling, Bengal. 1st & 3d Thursdays.
929 Am kan, Akyab, Bengal. 3d Monday.
972 Astrea, Thayetmys Pegu, Bengal 2d Wednesday.
978 Ramsey, Rawul Pinde, Bengal. 1st Monday.
974 Light of tbe North, Ferozepore, Bengal. 1st & 3d Weds.
984 Trinne Brotherhood, Subathoo, Bengal. 3d Wednesday.
1038 British, Port Louis, Mauritius. 1st Wednesday.
1042 Fidelity, Singapore. Last Monday.
1058 Good Hope,Dacca, Bengal. 1st & 3d Weds.
1059 Concord, Bombay. 3d Saturday.
1069 Union, Kurrachee, Bombay.
1084 Hope and Perseverance, Lahore, Bengal. 1st & 3d Mondays.

342 Rising Star, Western India.
343 St. Andrew's in the East, Poonah.
350 Hope, Kurrachce.
351 Perseverance, Bombay.
871 St. David's in the East, Calcutta, Bengal. 1st & 3rd Tuesdays.
389 St. Paul's, Mhow, Bengal, India.

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  • PM stands for Past Master (of a lodge).
  • PDGSB stands for Past Deputy Grand Sword Bearer (a ceremonial office in Grand Lodge).[1]

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  1. Faithfull, Robert. Masonic initials Rootsweb India Mailing List 14 December 2012, now archived.