12th Frontier Force Regiment

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12th Frontier Force Regiment was formed in 1922. It consisted of five regular battalions; numbered 1 to 5 and the 10th (Training) Battalion. During the Second World War further battalions were raised

Details of the service of all the battalions of the 12th Frontier Force Regiment during the Second World War may be found in a WW2Talk Forum thread detailed below.[1]

The 14th Battalion, previously the 11th Battalion, served in Burma. [2]

At Independence in 1947, the 12th Frontier Force Regiment was allocated to Pakistan and in 1956 became the Frontier Force Regiment, which also had other regiments amalgamated into it, with Regimental Depot now at Abbottabad.[3]

Regimental history

The Frontier Force Regiment, compiled by Brigadier W. E. H. Condon 1962. Available online, refer below.

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