15th Lancers (Cureton's Multanis)

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15th Lancers (Curetons Multanis)
  • 1858 raised by Captain Charles Cureton from six risallahs of Multani Pathans as The Multani Regiment of Cavalry
  • 1860 became Cureton's Multani Regiment
  • 1861 became 15th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry
  • 1871 became 15th (Cureton's Multani) Regiment of Bengal Cavalry
  • 1890 became 15th (Cureton's Multani) Regiment of Bengal Lancers
  • 1901 became 15th (Cureton's Multani) Bengal Lancers
  • 1903 became 15th Lancers (Cureton's Multanis)
  • 1922 amalgamated with 14th Murray’s Jat Lancers to become 20th Lancers
  • 1947 allocated to Pakistan

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  • Lieutenant-Colonel E. de V. Wintle, born 1865 was an officer with the 15th Bengal Cavalry 1888-1909. He first saw action with the 15th Bengal Cavalry on the North West Frontier, during the ‘Black Mountain’ campaign of 1888, and again during the 1897-98 frontier campaigns, at Malakand, operations in Bajour and in the Mohmand country (despatches GGO 178 of 18 February 1898). He also took part in the subsequent operations with the Tirah Field Force, including operations in the Bazaar Valley during the last weeks of December 1897. dnw.co.uk
Hafiz Ghulam Rasool 15th Lancers(Cureton's Multanis)