3rd Regiment of Foot

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Known as The Buffs


  • 15721 raised as Thomas Morgan's Company of Foot
  • 1665 known as the 4th (The Holland Maritime) Regiment
  • 1668 known as the 4th (The Holland) Regiment
  • 1688 known as the 4th The Lord Admiral's Regiment
  • 1737 renamed the 3rd (Howard's) Regiment of Foot
  • 1743 became 3rd Regiment of Foot, "Howard's Buffs"
  • 1751 became 3rd (Kent) Regiment of Foot, "The Buffs"
  • 1881 became The Buffs, (East Kent Regiment)
  • 1935 became The Buffs, (Royal East Kent Regiment)
  • 1961 amalgamated with 50th/97th The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment to form 3rd/50th/97th The Queen's Own Buffs, The Royal Kent Regiment
  • 1966 merged and became 2nd Battalion (Queen's Own Buffs), The Queen's Regiment
  • 1992 amalgamated with The Royal Hampshire Regiment to form The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

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